Tuesday, August 13, 2019

24 Hour Reading Challenge Sign Up

So I was on YouTube, and I saw A Clockwork Reader's video I Read 6 Books in a Day!? video, and it got me wanting to read a good number of books in a day, as well. So shout out to her! Since I'm not working as far as I know tomorrow, I'm going to try and read as many books as I can.

So I think I'm going to read Paw of the Jungle by Diane Kelly, The Plastic Magician by Charlie N. Holmberg, B is for Bigfoot by Jim Butcher, Grave Peril by Jim Butcher, The Duke's Stolen Bride by Sophie Jordan, The How and the Why by Cynthia Hand, Rosemarked by Livia Blackburne, Umbertouched by Livia Blackburne.

So that's 7 books, and probably a bit too much. But I am about halfway through Rosemarked, so that should make it easier. But if I'm crazy and actually manage to read all of these, I'd also like to read Unforgettable You by Brenda Novak. Yeah. But I probably won't make it that far. Adding to the fact that I have to finish one book that I'm halfway through, and another book is about a quarter of the way through. Eek!

So tomorrow at 9 AM, or thereabouts, I'm going to just start reading. And I'm glad that I was compelled to do this now, because a) then I can get things done today and not have to think about them tomorrow, and b) I signed up for the ARC August Challenge today, almost halfway into August, so I have some ARC reading to do, and this list has 4 + Unforgettable You ARC's on it, so that's a good dent in my ARC reading. But it's funny, I also signed up for the Bout of Books Reading Challenge, too. So that's going to be another period of time reading a lot of books. But I'm happy with that!

And yeah, this is kinda like the 24 Hour Dewey Challenge, but I just missed out on that, and this is a little more informal, but I'm still going to be blogging about it, because I can.

What about you guys? Happy reading!

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