Saturday, November 21, 2020

Week 47 Review: Ink

From Goodreads:
From New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry comes a standalone supernatural thriller Ink, about a memory thief who feeds on the most precious of dreams.

Tattoo-artist Patty Cakes has her dead daughter's face tattooed on the back of her hand. Day by day it begins to fade, taking with it all of Patty's memories of her daughter. All she's left with is the certain knowledge she has forgotten her lost child. The awareness of that loss is tearing her apart.

Monk Addison is a private investigator whose skin is covered with the tattooed faces of murder victims. He is a predator who hunts for killers, and the ghosts of all of those dead people haunt his life. Some of those faces have begun to fade, too, destroying the very souls of the dead.

All through the town of Pine Deep people are having their most precious memories stolen. The monster seems to target the lonely, the disenfranchised, the people who need memories to anchor them to this world.

Something is out there. Something cruel and evil is feeding on the memories, erasing them from the hearts and minds of people like Patty and Monk and others.

Ink is the story of a few lonely, damaged people hunting for a memory thief. When all you have are memories, there is no greater horror than forgetting.

My Review:
This book was such a great read! I loved the concept of it, of someone stealing memories through the tattoos that were like a touchstone for said memories. And what we do when we lose those important memories. It was such a great read! 

This book is so fast paced. The chapters are sometimes only a page or two, while others are a little bit longer, but there's over 100 chapters. So it was so quick and easy to read this book, and I thought it was a good writing choice. 

The writing was a little much sometimes, for me. I don't know how to describe it really. It's like I went into a daze, or something, because I would get into this state reading this book, and the moment would written in this way, and I glossed over it. I just couldn't understand it, so I avoided it, I guess is the right way to describe it.

One thing that I loved was that we got interludes from the bad guy, in brief periods of his life, as he was growing up, as he was learning how to use his abilities. So we know how he's doing it, and watching the good guys figure it out was really great. It also made it so easy to despise him, so reading that ending was just perfect and so satisfying! 

This was a really great read, I really enjoyed it! 

Author: Jonathan Maberry
Read: November 20th, 2020
Source: NetGalley
Reason Why: It sounded really great, and it's a SAC 2020 Book! 
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published: November 17th 2020
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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