Saturday, August 1, 2015

Week 31 Review: The Search

From Goodreads:
Sarah Patrick and Monty, her partner from the elite K-9 search and rescue team, can find people when no one else can. Sarah is forced to help in the rescue the only survivor of a massacre at the facilities of a top-secret venture backed by billionaire John Logan. Logan knows the only way to save the man--and the secrets he holds--is to find him as soon as possible.

My Review:
It was just so really fantastic to read this book! I've read it before, but that was before I was blogging, so I don't have a record of my thoughts about it. And it's a pretty big time span, too, at least 4 years, more than, because I remember reading a book further in the series when there was still the computer in the spare/guest room.

I just really enjoyed Sarah and Logan's story (and yes, I know that's her first name, and his last, but that's what he's more commonly known as) they were just a great couple, that you might not initially think, but they were!

There were things in this book that I had forgotten. Like the fact that Chen Li and Rudzak were half siblings. Or that he killed her, even though she was in remission. But I did have a suspicion about Bassett, which I was right about, yeah!

I really did enjoy how things came together, that they planned on the use of explosives, and how they didn't want Rudzak to win, so that was really smart plan, though he did pull a stunt with an extra bit of explosive with Logan!

Favourite line: "No, I'm telling you that you should marry me because you're not going to find anyone who's better for you and I'm not going to let you go for the next hundred years or so." Go, Sarah! Awesome line!

Yes, this was an utterly fantastic book, and I can't wait to read more of this series!

Author: Iris Johansen
Series: Eve Duncan #3
Read: July 31st, 2015
Source: Tuebl
Reason Why: Rereading! Loved it the first time, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2015 Book and a WR Reward Book!
Publisher: Bantam Books
Published: May 1st 2001
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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