Tuesday, March 8, 2011

How I Suffer

Ok, so you guys know how I said I love music? Well, here's some proof. I'm in concert band, senior band, and Performing Arts (we're doing the play, Beauty and the Beast, and I'm a milkmaid :) ) For future reference, I play the clarinet.
Anyways, today was concert band. This means being at school at seven, or earlier, and starting quater after. That means getting up at 6. AM. Not fun. Add to that the fact that at the end of period 1, I started getting this headache.
My headaches can cause a lot of pain, so during the switching of classes, I took 8 advil. Hoped that the pain would go away. Fast forward to 5pm, still have that headache, take 8 more advil. Fast forward to now, 8:30ish, still have this headache.
Add to that I have to stay after school for PA till 5, or 6, depending, and you have a not so happy me.
Oh, and I forgot to mention, during cb, my clarinet was acting up. So guess what it decided to do when I was packing up?
It popped off one of the buttons, the screws too loose to keep it on. Turns out all the screws were loose. That was certainly fun. Not. But at least I found the screw right away, and the, well, he's not the teacher, but he's not the student teacher-he's been a sub for years, and he has a lot of music related jobs, yeah, him, fixed my clarinet, yeah, so it doesn't have to go in to get fixed before I start the whole day again tomorrow, wednesday, for senior band. Yeah. Not.
But anyways. Finished reading Living With the Dead by Kelley Armstrong (I'm reading the series) and moved onto Men of the Otherworld. Clay as a 8 year old is really funny! Next book on the list (not counting nano books) is Frostbitten, which will be nice, since I want to know more about Elena and Clay's kids!
Talk later! Now write!

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