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Week 29 Review: Lover Beware

From Goodreads:
BE WARNED--Four of today's most popular authors push passion and intrigue to the limit in four thrilling original stories...

In a sleepy costal town...

Early retirement turns deadly for a defense expert--until a beautiful woman steps between him and his assassins...

Among women of the night...

An FBI profiler can see into the mind of a French Quarter killer targeting prostitutes--but not into the heart of the detective she must trust with her life...

Between two strangers...

Sometimes one glance is all it takes. And sometimes all it takes is one man to tear apart what fate--and desire--have brought together...

Under the light of the moon...

Investigating a series of grisly murders, a San Diego detective is caught off guard by the enigmatic man helping her find the killer...

My first review of Lover Beware
My Review:
Oh, wow. Loved rereading this anthology, with it's awesome novellas! Of them all, I have to say, that the first, and the last, were my favourite, mostly because the 2nd one ended sad, and the full length novel that follows it doesn't feature them, and the 3rd one, gave me an impression of "meh."

The first story was the firsts of the Drake sisters, and I loved their teasing, especially around the prophecy of how they would all fall in love, like dominoes! And how annoyed Elle was, since, as the 7th daughter, she would be having 7 daughters!

The next story, well, it ended with her leaving, and yeah, they're not mentioned in the full length novel's synopsis, so I don't have much hope for them appearing, so while it was a good novella, in the end, it would've been better if I hadn't read it all, because of the disappointment.

The third story, was set in New Zealand, and I think that was part of the meh factor-that they were pretty isolated, it was a small town, where nothing bad had happened to it till now, but the romance was really, really great, I liked that!

Loved the 4th story, especially the end, where she goes, "men aren't the only ones lycanthrope can effect" and how their kids could be what he can become, or a tiger, which is pretty darned cool, I really enjoyed that ending, I would've loved to see his face when she said that!

All in all, a really good anthology!

Authors: Christine Feehan, Katherine Sutcliffe, Fiona Brand, Eileen Wilks
Series: Drake Sisters #1, World of the Lupi #0.5
First Read: July 11th-12th, 2011
Read: July 18th, 2014
Source: Own
Reason Why: Because it has a short story by Christine Feehan in it!
Publisher: Berkley Books
Published: July 1st 2003
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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