Saturday, May 28, 2016

Week 22 Review: Ivory and Bone

From Goodreads:
The only life seventeen-year-old Kol knows is hunting at the foot of the Great Ice with his brothers. But food is becoming scarce, and without another clan to align with, Kol, his family, and their entire group are facing an uncertain future.

Traveling from the south, Mya and her family arrive at Kol's camp with a trail of hurt and loss behind them, and hope for a new beginning. When Kol meets Mya, her strength, independence, and beauty instantly captivate him, igniting a desire for much more than survival.

Then on a hunt, Kol makes a grave mistake that jeopardizes the relationship that he and Mya have only just started to build. Mya was guarded to begin with—and for good reason—but no apology or gesture is enough for her to forgive him. Soon after, another clan arrives on their shores. And when Mya spots Lo, a daughter of this new clan, her anger intensifies, adding to the already simmering tension between families. After befriending Lo, Kol learns of a dark history between Lo and Mya that is rooted in the tangle of their pasts.

When violence erupts, Kol is forced to choose between fighting alongside Mya or trusting Lo's claims. And when things quickly turn deadly, it becomes clear that this was a war that one of them had been planning all along. 

My Review:
Yes! I mean, this book! Oh, wow, it was so fantastic and enjoyable! It's the first prehistoric YA book that I've heard of, and yeah, if there are going to be others, this one set the bar high! Yeah, this book is just a wow!

I loved how this story was told, that it was Kol telling the story of meeting Mya, and everything that happened to lead up to why they're in a cave, with him telling the story. Yeah, that was just a really fantastic method and I loved it!

This world of survival-food, clothing, shelter, and continuation of the human race, was just so well built! From the politics of the clans, the traditions, the way that they did everyday things from cooking, to the big things like preparing to move, yeah, that was just wonderful!

I also loved this take on Romeo and Juliet. Sure, they're from different clans, but they aren't total enemies. Mya has a lot of secrets, she isn't an open book. And then there's Lo to add to the mix! Just made for a really wonderful story!

Loved reading this book so much, it was just so great, and I can't wait to read more by Julie Eshbaugh!

Author: Julie Eshbaugh
Read: May 21st, 2016
Source: Edelweiss
Reason Why: Sounded and looked really great, and it's a DAC Book, SAC 2016 Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: Harper Teen
Expected Publication: June 14th 2016
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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