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Week 5 Review: Blood Infernal

From Goodreads:
In a masterpiece of supernatural mystery and apocalyptic prophecy, New York Times bestselling authors James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell bring to a thunderous conclusion their epic trilogy of novels set between the worlds of shadow and light, between salvation and damnation, where the very gates of Hell must be shattered to discover the true fate of humankind in...

Blood Infernal

As an escalating scourge of grisly murders sweeps the globe, archaeologist Erin Granger must decipher the truth behind an immortal prophecy foretold in the Blood Gospel, a tome written by Christ and lost for centuries: The shackles of Lucifer have been loosened, and his Chalice remains lost. It will take the light of all three to forge the Chalice anew and banish him again to his eternal darkness. With the Apocalypse looming, Erin must again join forces with Army Sergeant Jordan Stone and Father Rhun Korza to search for a treasure lost for millennia. But the prize has already fallen into the hands of their enemy, a demon named Legion, before whom even the walls of the Vatican will fall. 

The search for the key to salvation will take Erin and the others across centuries and around the world, from the dusty shelves of the Vatican’s secret archives to lost medieval laboratories, where ancient alchemies were employed to horrific ends. All the while, they are hunted, besieged by creatures of uncanny skill and talent. As clues are dug free from ancient underground chapels and found frozen in icy mountain caverns, Erin will discover that the only hope for victory lies in an impossible act—one that will destroy not only her, but all she loves. To protect the world, Erin must walk through the very gates of Hell and face the darkest of enemies: Lucifer himself.

With The Blood Gospel, the first novel in the Order of the Sanguines series, James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell combined science, myth, and religion to introduce a breathtaking world where miracles hold new meaning and the fight for good over evil is far more complicated than we ever dreamed. And now, in this epic conclusion to the Sanguines trilogy, Blood Infernal, they take us to the very pit of Hell itself, making us peer into the abyss and face our greatest fears, to answer the ultimate question: What price will we pay for true salvation?

My Review:
This book was really freaking fantastic! I enjoyed it so much, it was just so good! Taking place in March-and only in a few days, with a ton of travel, in that limited time-a lot happens. There were call backs to the last book, which was really great, since I remembered a bit of it, I didn't remember it all!

I really liked the idea of awareness and mind fullness, that the Sanguines haven't had to punish themselves like they have, but know what they are, but to control themselves. It's a bittersweet idea, but ultimately, probably better from them in the long run!

Most of the locations that they went to were in and around Europe. Lots of Italy, Prague, then France. So a lot going on there. But it was the team working together, Erin, the Woman of Learning, Jordan, the Warrior of Man, and Rhun, his title I forget but something about, maybe Knight of the Church? And then Elizabeth with her knowledge, and then Christian and Sophia as guards!

I really enjoyed the big plot line of the green diamond, and where that leads. Because it was the one that was at the end of Innocent Blood, and it was in the prologue of this book, and yeah, it's pretty important to the whole book!

Another thing I really liked, were the tests the group had to face-Rhun with saving the lion cub, Jordan with not protecting himself and not hurting the creature, going as far as to protect it with his own life as it was killing him, and then Erin figuring out where they needed to go for the final battle, and where the object was. Really great!

Lastly, the big thing that I really liked, was how that little scarp at the beginning, that I almost forgot, lead to be so important for how the big, final battle happened! And that was a hard choice, but personally, I felt that it only destroyed Erin, it didn't destroy Jordan. And then it was all good, but it was a bittersweet moment!

This was such a fantastic book, loved where it ended because it was so freaking good, and yeah, I was so happy to read this book!

Authors: James Rollins and Rebecca Cantrell
Series: The Order of the Sanguines #3
Read: January 30th, 2015
Source: Edelweiss
Reason Why: I love this series, and it's a End of Series 2015 Book, Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2015 Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: William Morrow
Expected Publication: February 10th 2015
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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