Sunday, March 26, 2017

Mercedes Lackey Author Page

The Story: I saw Hunter on NetGalley, and it looked really fantastic, so I requested, and got it! And it was so fantastic, and the sequel was just as amazing! I just can't wait to read more of her more recent books! Also, a novella in Five Hundred Kingdoms was in Harvest Moon!


Series: Hunter, Five Hundred Kingdoms.

Hunter: Hunter and her site, my review, Elite and her site, my review, Apex, her site, my review.

Five Hundred Kingdoms: The Fairy Godmother and her site, my review, One Good Night and her site, my review, Fortune's Fool and her site, my review, The Snow Queen and her site, my review, The Sleeping Beauty and her site, my review, A Tangled Web and her site, (Part of *Harvest Moon*), Beauty and the Werewolf and her site, my review.

A Tangled Web is a short story in Harvest Moon, set in the Five Hundred Kingdom, here's my review.

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