Saturday, December 5, 2015

Emergency Review-a-Thon #5

  • For every review you want to write, you get half a day to write it or an hour for each review (for example with a goal of 3 reviews, you'd have a day and a half to write those reviews or 3 hours)
  • If you write more reviews then your goal in the time frame, then you get a reward that you picked out beforehand (continuing previous example, if you wrote 7 reviews in the day and a half or 3 hours) but you have to write at least 1 more review then your goal, preferably more
  • If you meet your goal, give yourself a pat on the back!
  • If you don't meet your goal, well, next time you go to buy a book, don't because you didn't meet your goal, so if you can't write the current reviews that you need, why would you add another book to read that you'd need to review?
  • Don't underestimate how many reviews you'd like to write, just to get the reward. If it turns out that you did, but you realize this before your time is up, then it'll be like your goal was however many reviews you'd written, in original time frame, and then any reviews written afterwards can count as over the goal reviews that qualify for the reward
  • The reason why there can be either half a day for each review, or an hour, is because some days you're really busy, like weekdays, but some days you have loads of free time on your plate, so you only need an hour, and this'll help from underestimating reviews

Ok, so I've kinda fallen behind again. But 2015 will end with all of my reviews ever posted with an actual review in them! 

Goals: so I want to review Week 45-50.

I'm going to try to do this a bit differently. I want to have all of these reviews written today, because I want them done for tomorrow's Wrote that Review. Yes yes. I have a feeling I might not make it since it's about 50 reviews, but I'm going to try! 

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