Sunday, December 27, 2015

Jennifer Brown Author Page

The Story: Well, first part of the story is that Bitter End was at my library and I read it, and it was just wasn't as much to my taste and that fact sucks, but I know other's enjoyed it! And then I got Shade Me from Edelweiss, and it looks so great and I just really want to read it!


Series: Nikki Kill.

Nikki Kill: Shade Me and her site, my review, Dare You and her site, my review, Break Us and her site, my review.

Stand Alone's: Bitter End and her site, my review, Thousand Words and her site, my review, Torn Away and her site, my review, Hate List and her site, my review, Say Anything and her site, my review, Perfect Escape and her site, my review

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