Saturday, April 29, 2017

Week 17 Review: Grave Ransom

From Goodreads:
In the thrilling fifth book in the USA Today bestselling Alex Craft series, Alex comes face to face with the walking dead.

Grave witch Alex Craft is no stranger to the dead talking. She raises shades, works with ghosts, and is dating Death himself. But the dead walking? That's not supposed to happen. And yet, reanimated corpses are committing crimes across Nekros City.

Alex's investigation leads her deep into a web of sinister magic. When Briar Darque of the Magical Crimes Investigation Bureau gets involved, Alex finds herself with an unexpected ally of sorts. But as the dead continue to rise and wreak havoc on the living, can Alex get to the soul of the matter in time?

My Review:
I loved reading this book! I'm glad that I started this series when I did, because there was a bit of a wait for this book, and if I'd started the series sooner, I would've forgotten a great deal more than I did before beginning this book. So yeah! Because while it does stand by itself, it does reference the past books.

The mystery in this book involves another shade of magic and death. Having ghosts walk in dead bodies that aren't their own...yeah, that's new. And of course there were a few threads that connected to this mystery, and I enjoyed all the elements of the investigation, though the smear/bait thing that Briar did to Alex wasn't cool!

I really enjoyed having Briar back. I think it was mentioned, or maybe it's just my imagination, a spin off series with Briar. I would really like that, she's different than Alex, but she's so interesting and kick ass! I'd love to have some full time books starring Briar!

Oh, that ending! Her and Death's relationship deteriorated throughout this book. They had one or two good moments. But oh, that ending hurt! And yeah, we really need more of this series, because I couldn't stand it if it ended there!

This book was absolutely amazing, and I. Need. More!!!!

Author: Kalayna Price
Series: Alex Craft #5
Read: April 24th, 2017
Source: NetGalley
Reason Why: Love her books and this series, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2017 Book and a WoW Book!
Publisher: Ace
Expected Publication: July 4th 2017
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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