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Week 13 Review: Forbidden Craving

From Goodreads:
Two unforgettable fan-favorite novels from the biggest stars of paranormal romance 

The Nymph King 

Gena Showalter 

Females young and old, beautiful and plain crave Valerian's touch. None can resist his blatant sensuality and potent allure--until he steals Shaye Holling from a Florida beach and holds her prisoner in his underwater kingdom. Now Valerian must fight for the privilege of claiming her as his own. Because there's one thing Shaye doesn't know...when a nymph discovers his true mate, she's his for life.

Includes all-new scenes! 

The Beautiful Ashes 

Jeaniene Frost 

With her sister missing, Ivy discovers a startling truth--the disturbing, otherworldly hallucinations she's always had are real, and her sister is trapped in a demon realm. The one person who can help her is the dangerously attractive rebel who's bound by an ancient legacy to betray her. Adrian and Ivy must battle their desires if they're to save her sister, but Adrian knows the truth about Ivy's destiny, and sooner or later, it will be Ivy on one side, Adrian on the other and nothing but ashes in between... 

My first review of The Nymph King, The Beautiful Ashes
My Review:
I really enjoyed reading the both of these books! I've enjoyed them before, but The Nymph King got an upgrade, and it's been so long since I read read The Beautiful Ashes, and the other 2 books in the series are coming out soon! So yeah, it was really great to reread them!

The only really new thing that I caught, was Shae's book, and having the names backwards for both Valerian and Nymphos! Though I do wish that Grace's family could've been mentioned, and the whole thing with the Jewel of Atlantis, that doesn't jive up with what I remember! Gah! Confused!

One of the things I realized when rereading The Beautiful Ashes, is that since Ivy is the last of King David's line, that also means she's related, no matter how distantly, to Jesus Christ, since he was also from the same line. Weird! So weird!

I'd forgotten how Adrian had betrayed her. I'd forgotten a lot, like the different disguises Zach gave her. But the betrayal, that was a pretty big thing, that he knew that she'd have to find the other two weapons, weapons that could potentially kill her. Yeah. But she was already well on the way to forgiving him for that!

These were really fantastic to read, and I can't wait to read more of their books!

Authors: Gena Showalter and Jeaniene Frost
Series: Atlantis #3, Broken Destiny #1
First Read: July 27th, 2013, September 5th, 2014
Read: March 29th, 2017
Source: Bought
Reason Why: Love their books, and rereading because a) The Nymph King has been updated, and b) the next two books in the Broken Destiny are coming out soon, so I need to reread! Plus, it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2017 Book!
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Published: March 28th 2017
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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