Saturday, August 19, 2017

Week 33 Review: Bannerless

From Goodreads:
A mysterious murder in a dystopian future leads a novice investigator to question what she's learned about the foundation of her population-controlled society.

Decades after economic and environmental collapse destroys much of civilization in the United States, the Coast Road region isn't just surviving but thriving by some accounts, building something new on the ruins of what came before. A culture of population control has developed in which people, organized into households, must earn the children they bear by proving they can take care of them and are awarded symbolic banners to demonstrate this privilege. In the meantime, birth control is mandatory.  

Enid of Haven is an Investigator, called on to mediate disputes and examine transgressions against the community. She's young for the job and hasn't yet handled a serious case. Now, though, a suspicious death requires her attention. The victim was an outcast, but might someone have taken dislike a step further and murdered him?  

In a world defined by the disasters that happened a century before, the past is always present. But this investigation may reveal the cracks in Enid's world and make her question what she really stands for.

My Review:
Oh, wow, this book was really fantastic! It totally wasn't what I expected, because I was thinking it was going to be high tech, but was in fact, the opposite, with very little of what we have now, and a much simpler life!

I really enjoyed the way this book was told-there was the present, and the investigation into a man's death. Then there was the past, as Enid was growing up, and her adventure with a boy. It all came together really nicely, and told the story in a fantastic way!

This world was pretty bleak. They lost a lot, and have to work with what they have, and be very strict. Households have to earn banners, which mean that they can have a child. Things that were so simple for us, are so much harder for them, because they can't really do surgeries, let alone heart surgeries, which causes a pretty devastating loss for Enid. 

The mystery was really intriguing, and while she doesn't have anything like CSI, there's good old-fashioned detective work, interviewing people, gathering clues. All in all, the death was just a little bit pointless, a bit sad, it shouldn't have happened, it could've been avoided. And that sucks!

Such a great book, and I can't wait to see where this series is going to go!

Author: Carrie Vaughn
Series: Bannerless Saga #1
Read: August 17th, 2017
Source: Edelweiss
Reason Why: Sounded really good! And I enjoy her books! And it's a 2017 Dystopia Book and a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2017 Book!
Publisher: Mariner Books
Published: July 11th 2017
5/5 Hearts
4/5 Books
4.5/5 Stars

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