Thursday, May 26, 2011

Birthday :)

I mentioned in a post that May 24th was important to me. Guess why?

It was my sevcenteenth birthday. Very busy, too, this year-I had concert band, and then 2 concerts (one during school, one after) Nice present from my band teacher (heavy on the sarcasm)
And when I got home, I got a big basket of things-things for when I move out, like towels for bath and kitchen, cutlery, glasses, dishes, things like that. I can't wait to move out, but I have no idea where I'm going to go, so it's a bit scary.

And then I'm going to have my grandparents over tomorrow, I think, and I'm going to the others on saturday, but before work. Yep. So that's why May 24th is important to me. I love it how my birthday is technically a birthday, but they have it on the 3rd monday of the month, Queen Victoria was born on the 3rd monday of May on the 24th, which is why it's a technically then actually :) yep :)

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