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Week 19 Review: All For You

From Goodreads:
Four unforgettable stories from the biggest names in romance...

Falling in love isn't on Fayrene Hopkins's schedule for at least four years, but from her very first kiss with charming Ryan Patterson, she's already "Halfway There." In Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold, some plans are made to be broken...

In Lori Foster's "Buckhorn Ever After," the last thing Nadine Moest wants is to be the latest notch on gorgeous ranger Shohn Hudson's bedpost. But Shohn is determined to win her trust — and her heart.

Kenna Starr will do anything to overcome her bad-girl past in Gena Showalter's "The One You Want." Dane Michaelson is exactly the kind of guy she needs to avoid, but he's used to getting what he wants, and he wants her.

Noah Bryant and Colbie Michaels are meant to be — at least, that's what he thinks when they keep serendipitously meeting. Now he just has to convince her they're destined for each other, in Bella Andre's "One Perfect Night."

My Review:
I mainly read this anthology for the Gena Showalter story. And it's kinda a good thing that it was 3rd in the line up, or I might've just read it, instead of all of them. And that would've been a shame, because I enjoyed all 4 of them, though the Gena Showalter one was my favourite of course!

I loved the couples in this book, and their various challenges. Like the 4 year plan and the lack of commitment, the womanizer finding his perfect match-but she's seen his womanizing ways, boy's dad falls in love with girl's mom and has affair that rocks both their marriages, and now boy and girl are falling in love-and girl has a daughter, where boy and girl meet but don't exchange enough information to find each other so individual hire P.I.'s, when it turns out they hired the same guy! Yeah, those kind of complications!

Yeah, The One I Want, it was really fantastic to read it, because it has or mentions, all the main characters for the rest of the series, and yeah, there's the hope that we'll see Kenna and Dane, and Norrie again in the series!

These stories just came together really well, all stories of romances that have some sort of block, but is overcome by the couple, by them loving each other, and wanting what was best for them, and it was really fantastic to read that!

Favourite lines from Blackhorn Ever After: "But it was, because at that moment the cat was trying to crawl inside the neckline of his shirt." Oh, wow, that's a bit clingy, and yeah, it is funny! "I have a cat on my head!" Yeah, that's a pretty good reason not to leave!

Favourite lines from The One You Want: "Clearly #WardrobeFail. No! Bad Kenna! no mentally using Twitter tonight." Why not? It's only your mom's engagement part to a guy who she had an affair with when both members were married to other people! "Rick from The Walking Dead. Kenna and Brook Lynn always watched the show together, and then discussed their survival plans for a a zombie apocalypse afterwards. An apocalypse guaranteed to happen. It was just a matter of time." Well, that's a bit scary! "Hey! That ax is supposed to be reserved for zombie kills." It can be used for more than that! "One day, I'm going to put you nuts in a grinder and make a testicle salad sandwich." How can it be a salad and a sandwich? "That I had a collection of jars filled with human hearts and he was about to make an unwilling donation." Oh, wow, that's mean, Dane! "'A dual sword?' 'Well, zombies only die for real if you cut through their brain.'" I don't think he is considering the zombies when thinking about threats to you!

Oh, it was just perfect to read this anthology, it was perfect! So entertaining and great!

Authors: Gena Showalter, Susan Mallery, Lori Foster, Bella Andre
Series: The Original Heartbreakers #0.5, Fool's Gold #9.75, Buckhorn Brothers #6, The Sullivans #8.5
Read: May 7th, 2015
Source: Bought
Reason Why: Love Gena Showalter's writing, and I've enjoyed other books by the others! And it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2015 Book!
Publisher: HQN Books
Published: December 30th 2014
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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