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Week 21 Reviews: Killer Instinct, Killer Within

From Goodreads:
She's not evil, but she has certain... urges.

Lane is a typical teenager. Loving family. Good grades. Afterschool job at the local animal hospital. Martial arts enthusiast. But her secret obsession is studying serial killers. She understands them, knows what makes them tick.


Because she might be one herself.

Lane channels her dark impulses by hunting criminals—delivering justice when the law fails. The vigilantism stops shy of murder. But with each visceral rush the line of self-control blurs.
And then a young preschool teacher goes missing. Only to return... in parts.

When Lane excitedly gets involved in the hunt for "the Decapitator," the vicious serial murderer that has come to her hometown, she gets dangerously caught up in a web of lies about her birth dad and her own dark past. And once the Decapitator contacts Lane directly, Lane knows she is no longer invisible or safe. Now she needs to use her unique talents to find the true killer's identity before she—or someone she loves—becomes the next victim...

From Goodreads:
In the heart-pounding sequel, teen vigilante Lane must face the secrets and unexpected consequences that arise in the wake of her first kill. 

It's been three months since the sadistic Decapitator's demise, and Lane feels both closer to and more alienated than ever from her united, grieving family. Haunted by conflicting memories, she resumes the role of Masked Savior vigilante—but her heart just isn't in it. For Lane now knows the rush of deeper thrills. Darker thrills. And a growing part of her wants to revisit its seductive power.

To Lane's chagrin, the Masked Savior inspires its own fan site, where groupies gather online to praise, document, and debate each delivered act of justice. But then one of Lane's secret admirers becomes a cunning copycat, assaulting the defenseless with escalating violence. And Lane suspects someone is spying on her, edging closer to making contact-someone who knows her secrets. 

Will Lane be able to stop the copycat and keep her identity protected? Or will she give in to the thrills that tempt her? Because as her life continues to unravel, the revelations shake Lane to her core. 

My Review:
Oh, oh, oh, man, reading these books felt good! I haven't been reading as much as I've wanted, I've started a few books, and then just haven't really gotten into them, but then I started reading Killer Instinct, and boy, the pages just flew by! And then Killer Within even topped that!

Lane was a really great character to read about! I could identify with her-I don't feel my emotions, though I know most of the time when I have them. So I think she has it slightly easier, because she does feel more then me! It was pretty easy to identify with her Dexter-esque need, because sometimes, the law isn't enough.

The romance, well, there's the brothers, and how she attracted to the older, but closer in age to the younger, and all that complicated mess. Especially after everything that happened during these books, those were some hard things!

I particularly enjoyed the mystery in these books! Who the killer was in Instinct, and who was the copy cat in Within, were both important people to her in the end, in different ways. The first, just because of who she was, and the second, what she did. Because that was pretty darn bad! Plus j_d_l, and the mystery of who that was, was really great to read, too!

Favourite lines from Killer Within: "I'm sorry. Was that a laugh I just heard?" Yeah, they're rare, but that's some nice teasing!

So fantastic, really great books, and with the way it ended, there could be more books in this series, and that'd be so freaking great!

Author: S.E. Green
Series: Killer Instinct #1, 2
Read: May 19th, 19th, 2015
Source: Tuebl,  Edelweiss
Reason Why: I saw Killer Instinct, and I wanted to read it! And then I got Killer Within, and I just had to read them both! And they're Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2015 Books and Killer Within is a WoW Book!
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Published: May 6th 2014, May 9th 2015

Killer Instinct:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

Killer Within:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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