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Week 18 Review: The Kill Switch

From Goodreads:
Who does the U.S. government call upon when a mission requires perfect stealth, execution, and discretion?

From the two bestselling masters of action and political intrigue, James Rollins and Grant Blackwood, comes the first in a groundbreaking new series, featuring Captain Tucker Wayne and his stalwart military dog, Kane, both ripped from the pages of Sigma Force for their first solo adventure. It will take this uniquely talented pairing of man and beast to discover the earth-shattering truth behind . . .

The Kill Switch 

The mission seems simple enough: extract a pharmaceutical magnate from Russian soil, a volatile man who holds the secret to a deadly bioweapon. But nothing is as it appears to be. A desperate call from Painter Crowe, director of Sigma Force, thrusts Tucker and Kane into a frantic race to rescue the brilliant-but-deluded Abram Bukolov from a cadre of skilled assassins, a deadly team backed by a shadowy Russian general, a figure bent on revenge and power.

Hunted and betrayed at every turn, Tucker and Kane must discover the truth behind a biological threat, a horror out of the ancient past that can be weaponized to terrorize the modern world. The journey of discovery will take the pair across the frozen steppes of Russia to the sun-blasted savannahs of South Africa, from the war-torn mountains of Namibia to the snowy Great Lakes of the United States.

As time rapidly runs out, the deep and intimate bond between dog and soldier will be tested to the extreme. It will take all of their skill, talent, and, most of all, trust in each other to piece together a mystery going back to the origins of life on Earth, to discover the key to an ancient peril that can destroy the heartland of America, and, with it, the world.

My Review:
Oh, this was an amazing, spectacular, intense book! I absolutely loved it, and if you haven't read it, or previous books in the series this was spun off of, Sigma, then you are missing out, because this book had it all, mystery, history, and locations, all things that James Rollin's books are known for, and as a bonus, this book, and this series, is about Tucker and Kane, which yeah, is totally something that had to happen!!!

I loved the locations. From the prologue in South Africa, to Russia, travelling through Russia with bullets and various other death instruments flying, to South Africa in the now, to the Great Lakes, wow, was that just awesome to read!!! There were such beautiful locations, or not, and they were just different for a girl who hasn't left North America.

Then there's the science, LUCA, what is to plants, what stem cells are to humans, the basic building blocks, to replace something, and how if there isn't a kill switch, something to stop it from growing, then it could basically take over the world, and destroy all the ecosystems. Which isn't a great thing for us, seeing as we need to eat and all.

I loved how Anya went on, becaeuse about halfway through I was suspecting something about her, that turned out to be true, because it was kinda funny, from one side to another...yeah. It was fun to read, but horrible for the others, because they did trust her.

There were a few meaningful deaths in this book, people who were nice, and people who totally deserved it, because they caused the deaths of the nice people. And that just added to the greatness of this book, that it didn't hold back.

The best part of this book, for me, was the Kane POV's. Because Kane's a dog, and it's not often that you'll get a dog's POV, and yeah, I just love Kane, he's just the best!!

I loved this book, and the comment made at the end of the book, after it ended, about how Tucker and Kane's adventure was just starting, well, I can't wait for that!!!

Authors: James Rollins and Grant Blackwood
Series: Tucker Wayne #1
Read: April 29th, 2014
Source: Edelweiss
Reason Why: Love James Rollins' writing, and it's a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2014 Book!
Publisher: William Morrow
Expected Publication: May 13th 2014
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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