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Week 31 Reviews: The Forest Lord, Lord of the Beasts

From Goodreads:
From bestselling author Susan Krinard comes a passionate, richly textured story of a powerful Fane whose one hope for love turns out to be the very woman he has vowed to destroy...

After a night of heated passion six years ago, Eden Bradwell made the shattering discovery that the man she was about to marry was no mortal. He was a monster, a woodlands guardian spirit named Lord Hern who needed an heir to end the exile that had been imposed upon him. Devastated by his deception, Eden fled Hartsmere and wed another.

In a deep sleep for the last five years, Hern, the Forest Lord, has been informed that Eden—the woman he'd courted all those years ago and who had shunned his true form—has returned to Hartsmere, along with the boy he'd been told was dead. Vowing to steal back his son—and wreak vengeance upon the woman who betrayed him—Hern assumes the identity of a servant named Hartley Shaw. But with each moment he spends with the elegant woman and his beautiful son, his heart begins to cast off the bands of iron that has bound it—and he becomes devoted to finding something that will redeem the woman he has come to love.

From Goodreads:
Inherited from an otherworldly father, enchanted blood flows through Donal Fleming's veins. Yet though his empathic ability for all creatures gives purpose to his calling as a veterinarian, life among his mother's mortal kind has left him wary, and he secretly hungers for the freedom to live unrestrained by civilized society. Until Cordelia... Cordelia Hardcastle has always played by society's rules, confined in a gilded cage of propriety and convention. Until Donal Fleming introduces her to a passion she's never dreamed of, and a world she's never imagined.

But Donal's attraction to the remarkable Cordelia has unleashed his most primal instincts. The time has come for him to challenge his destiny and face the consequences of his impossible choice--between human love and the powers that, to him, are life itself...

My Review:
Oh, these were really great books! I really enjoyed them, and now it means that I can reread Lord of Legends, which when I read it the first time, I thought that it was the 1st book in the series, not the 3rd! So yeah, really enjoyed these books!

There was a lot of arrogance in this book. From the arrogance of the Fane on mortals, and the arrogance of the Ton on commoners, sometimes, I just wanted to kick them, because times changed to now, where it's not really your ancestors that has to do with power, it's money. Which is something slightly easier to get then power. Relativity. In theory.

I really enjoyed the romances in these books, and how Hern doesn't like love, thinks it a weakness, because the Fane don't feel love. But yeah, after reuniting with Eden, well, he changes his mind, and that gets him, in the end, banished from the place, at the beginning of the book, where he wanted to go. And that thing with love carries over to their son, Donal, who thinks that if he loves, then he will lose his powers (I presume just romantic love, not love of family and friends) to talk to the beasts, his only friends when he was young.

There were also mysteries in these books, not that we always knew it, from Eden's aunt Claudia, who we got a few POV's from, and the shocking revelations at the end of the book, about how Claudia is actually her mom, not her aunt, and how Hern turned her father into a fox. Yeah, talk about dysfunctional! But then in Donal's book, it turns out that Ivy, is the half sister of Cordelia, but since the wackiness of time between Earth and the Land of the Young, Ivy, while conceived before Cordelia, is younger then her. Yeah.

Yeah, these were pretty great stories, and I can't wait to reread Lord of Legends!

Author: Susan Krinard
Series: Fane #1, 2
Read: July 26th, 26th, 2014
Source: Tuebl, Library
Reason Why: Sounded good, loved the 3rd book, and they're Historical Fiction 2014 Books and Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2014 Books!
Publisher: Berkeley, Harlequin Boks
Published: November 5th 2002, October 1st 2006

The Forest Lord:
5/5 Hearts
4/5 Books
3/5 Stars

Lord of the Beasts:
4/5 Hearts
4/5 Books
4/5 Stars

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