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Vestige: Review and Giveaway

From Goodreads:
Civil Authorities have issued a Civil Danger Notification Until Further Notice.

The following message is being transmitted by the request of The United States Government. An unknown number of citizens have gone missing. Authorities are trying to locate the missing persons. Residents are asked to stay in their homes. If you must go out, do not travel alone and carry proper identification.

Please do not call 911 to report missing persons. Emergency Call Centers and local law enforcement agencies are no longer fully staffed. The United States Military has been dispatched to assist local authorities.

This notification applies to all receiving this broadcast. Please stand by for further instructions.

In the Midwestern suburb of LaGrange, something is amiss. Over a twenty-four-hour period, all the children under the age of thirteen along with many adults have disappeared without explanation. It doesn't take long for those left behind to learn that this tragedy is part of a global event. As people panic, civilization begins to crumble. Luckily, the Secretary of Homeland Security, Daniel Grimshaw, has a plan to restore order. But first, every remaining person must be accounted for and tagged with a mark on their right hand.

Unaware of his responsibilities, seventeen-year-old Micah has been preparing for this day. His mother trained him and provided him with the proper tools, but she neglected to tell Micah about the family legacy, his legacy. Now that his mother is among the missing, will Micah ever discover who he is, or what he needs to do to save what's left of humanity from the hellfire of perdition? 

My Review:
This was a creepy and good book! It is a review tour book, and one that's published by a very obscure publisher, which sometimes means that the book could use with a bit more editing. Well, the synopsis too, because it had the two parts, and was just a bit weird.

So what happened in in this book, well, yeah, not cool! Like the marked thing, just proves that the world better not end, because us humans, we'd react badly, and I would just prefer to not have that happen at all!

So like the synopsis says, Micah's had this training for this happening. But he didn't know that it was training for this, and now that his mom's gone, well, he knows that there's something he needs to know, but he doesn't know what.

And oh, that ending! I enjoyed it so much! This is a two book series, so yeah, there'll be more, so yeah, that ending was perfect and creepy and just really darned enjoyable! Just so great to read, and while I'm not sure I'll read the sequel, it is going to be out there!

This was a really entertaining book, great thriller, and I enjoyed it a lot!

Author: Deb Hanrahan
Series: Vestige #1
Read: July 28th, 2012
Source: Reading Addiction Blog Tour Review Copy
Reason Why: Sounded like an excellent book, and it's a 2012 Dystopian book!
Publisher: Philyra Publishing
Published: June 1st 2012
4/5 Hearts
4/5 Books

4.5/5 Stars

Is over. Thanks for entering!
Deb lives with her husband and three teenagers in the Chicagoland burbs. After graduating from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Chemistry, she worked at a nuclear power plant for five years. She then left her career to stay at home with her kids.

Seemingly, overnight, she went from being crazy-busy to having way too much time on her hands. With her husband working long hours and her kids pursuing their own lives, she decided to write that novel she always wanted to write. Vestige is her second novel.

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