Saturday, July 28, 2012

Week 30 Review: Arise

From Goodreads:
Amelia—still caught between life and death—must fight for every moment of her relationship with the human boy Joshua. They can hardly even kiss without Amelia accidentally dematerializing. Looking for answers, they go to visit some of Joshua's Seer relatives in New Orleans. 

But even in a city so famously steeped in the supernatural, Amelia ends up with more questions than answers…and becomes increasingly convinced that she and Joshua can never have a future together.

Wandering through the French Quarter, Amelia meets other in-between ghosts, and begins to seriously consider joining them. And then she meets Gabrielle. Somehow, against impossible odds, Gaby has found a way to live a sort of half-life...a half-life for which Amelia would pay any price. Torn between two worlds, Amelia must choose carefully, before the evil spirits of the netherworld choose for her.

My Review:
So I absolutely loved this book! I enjoyed the first book so much, and then there was this book, and it built on the foundation of Hereafter, and was just fantastic! Seeing the characters again, was, just, yeah, really great! I just really enjoyed that!

So this book is primarily set in New Orleans, which is a perfect setting for a ghost story! Just gave another feel to the book, because this book was darker, and that wasn't just because of the location, but because the stakes were higher. But New Orleans was really great to read about!

Just loved all the various developments, from Amelia, and the ritual that she goes through, to all the new characters, because they added some variety! Gaby, especially, since she's pretty vital to the plot of this book!

When it all came together, well, yeah, that was just utterly fantastic! There'd been clues here and there, and I was piecing together the complete image, so I got some things, but when it all came together, it was just really great!

I enjoyed this book, and my want for book #3 has raised, to oh, about 8/10!

Author: Tara Hudson
Series: Hereafter #2
Read: July 22nd, 24th, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: Loved Hereafter, and it's a WoW book and a Sophomore Reading Challenge book!
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: June 5th 2012
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
4/5 Stars

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