Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Colleen Houck Author Page

The Story: Found Tiger's Curse at the library, and yeah, it sounded so freaking good, and unique, because hey, not very many books set in India! And yeah, so awesome, and such a great series! And yeah, I can't wait to read her new series!


Series: The Tiger's Saga, Reawakened.

The Tiger's Saga: Tiger's Promise and my review, Tiger's Curse and my review, my reread, Tiger's Quest and my review, my reread, Tiger's Voyage and my review, my reread, Tiger's Destiny and my review, my reread, Tiger's Dream and my review.

Reawakened: Reawakened and my review, Recreated and my review, Reunited and my review.

Stand Alone's: Terraformer and my review.

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