Saturday, July 20, 2013

Week 29 Review: After Daybreak

From Goodreads:
Our last hope lies with our oldest enemies.

When we lost the war with the vampires, our world changed. The Old Family overlords trapped us in a few scattered cities and demanded our blood. Then Victor- the first vampire I've ever trusted, ever loved- came to power, and I hoped for peace between our kinds. Only now a new type of monster, Day Walkers, has emerged, and their maniacal leader is threatening to destroy us all, human and vampire alike.

The Old Family Council is stubborn and proud, unwilling to acknowledge the danger. But once I claim my birthright as the last living member of the Montgomery line, they will have to listen to me.

Neither fully human nor vampire, I am the bridge between both. Even if I'm not sure where I belong anymore, I know that the only way any of us will survive is if we stand together.

My Review:
This was such a fantastic, amazing book! I just really loved how this series ended, because while yeah, it's sad that it's over, but on the other hand, so much happens in this book, it was really quite excellent, and awesome to read!

So the fact that she's a Montgomery-which is a vampire family line-well, that's a pretty big thing. And it's something that, could either kill her, or give her a lot of power, to do the things that she sees need to be done! And it's so great to read that, she really finally can do something!

And there's what they do with that power, well, things are finally moving in the right direction! And it's just too good! I loved every development, through the ups and the downs, and after all that, that it ended with hope, was excellent!

There was a bit of a question as to if Dawn'll be changed into a full-blooded vampire, but that's a minor one in the grand scheme of things! Because after all that went on, and her experiences, and the fact that she doesn't have to, well, yeah.

Such a great book, such a great ending to the series, and I really hope we have more books from J.A. London!

Author: J.A. London
Series: Darkness Before Dawn #3
Read: July 17th, 2013
Source: Tuebl
Reason Why: Because I've really enjoyed this series! And it's a Sequel Challenge 2013 Book, 2013 Dystopia Book, and a End of Series 2013 Book!
Publisher: Harper Teen
Published: June 25th 2013
5/5 Hearts
4.5/5 Books
4/5 Stars

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