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Week 50 Reviews: Pale Demon, A Perfect Blood

From Goodreads:
Condemned and shunned for black magic, Rachel Morgan has three days to get to the annual witches' conference and clear her name, or be trapped in the demonic ever-after . . . forever after.

But a witch, an elf, a living vampire, and a pixy in one car going across the country? Talk about a recipe for certain disaster, even without being the targets for assassination.

For after centuries of torment, a fearsome demon walks in the sunlight—freed at last to slay the innocent and devour their souls. But his ultimate goal is Rachel Morgan, and in the fight for survival that follows, even embracing her own demonic nature may not be enough to save her.

From Goodreads:
Ritually murdered corpses are appearing across Cincinnati, terrifying amalgams of human and other. Pulled in to help investigate by the I.S. and FIB, former witch turned day-walking demon Rachel Morgan soon realizes a horrifying truth: a human hate group is trying to create its own demons to destroy all Inderlanders, and to do so, it needs her blood.

She's faced vampires, witches, werewolves, demons, and more, but humanity itself might be her toughest challenge yet.

My first review of Pale Demon, A Perfect Blood
My Review:
Yeah, I enjoyed rereading these so much! They were just so good! And I had forgotten a few things that happened, besides the big major things! And yeah, it was nice to read the one chapter from A Perfect Blood from Trent's POV, it was awesome!

The Milk Duds mystery! And that it was Ivy buying them? Since I didn't remember who was, I thought that it could've been Bix coming back and forth from the church to the car with no one seeing him, but it was Ivy!

The thing about A Perfect Blood, is that I wanted to get to, and through, Rachel's kidnapping. I know how it's going to end, it's prisoner stories, I just want to get past them, like Stolen by Kelley Armstrong. And A Perfect Blood. I just have an avoidance thing for prisoner stories!

These books are kinda pivotal to me. Pale Demon had Rachel accepting that she was a demon, and then A Perfect Blood had her accepting what that meant, and yeah, that's pretty important, because yeah, that is what she is! Really enjoyed that!

Favourite lines from Pale Blood: "It's amazing what two months of not being on anyone's hit list will do for a person. You're not looking bad yourself, for a murdering drug lord." Yes, you both look good! Now lets skip to the kissing!!! "The day I leave you alone with Rachel is the day I ware a dress and dance the polka!" Then strip, redress, and dance, Jenks! "Kids! We've talked about this! Lunkers are a no-kill species! How come you never listen to me like you listened to your mom!" As said lunker, I appreciate not being killed! "Only then did I look at his feet. Nice feet." Weird thing to notice about Trent, Rachel! "Thanks, Trent. You're being useful today. I think just just saved me from beating up a coven member." Yeah! Really starting them on the romance path! "...but Trent went flying as the car jerked backward. Teeth clenched, I hit the brakes hard, and he was flung into the backseat where he belonged." I just love that ending, it's just awesome! "You think you like speed? You've never seen Rachel drive with purpose." Nope! "I'm chasing down my partner from being kidnappers, and Trent's more interested in chunks of rock?" That's strange priorities, Trent! Though you are going for your daughter, but seriously, rocks? "So Trent had summoned a demon to help us. God save me from businessmen with too much money and not enough to do." Yeah, not smart, Trent!  "Dude, why don't you stop and think about what your mouth is saying?" Yeah, some not so smart things are coming out! "Two thousand miles, Rachel. I have eaten nothing but slop for two days and used facilities I wouldn't let my dogs urinate in. And what about that couple in the RV outside Texas? I'll never get that memory out of my head." Tee hee! Ku Sox! "You want me to work with you, right? Consider this trip your interview." Because he wouldn't expect to be interviewed! And he hasn't done so well so far! "'It felt good, didn't it? Not hiding what you are?' 'It did.' 'And you to got to see the Petrified Forest.' 'And pixies being eaten alive.' 'Totally his fault. And you got a vacation.' 'Vacation. The Tink-blasted arch fell on him.' 'Again, his own fault. Gee, Trent. Maybe we should have left you at home after all. I think you enjoyed this. You had the chance to see what it was like to be in a family. And to answer your question, yes, it was exactly like being in a family.'" So cute! Love this! "Tink's a Disney whore. Did he just say he was sorry?" Yes he did, Jenks! "'Trent, you are a stiff-necked, overbearing, cold-' 'I'm not cold.' '-impersonal son of a b**c. Try making a decision by looking at something other than logic. You might have more friends that way.'" Most likely! And it's just hilarious that the rest of the vehicle's occupants are listening to this conversation! So cute! And they all add their input to it! "Face it, you little cookie maker, in the last few days, you've seen what it's like to be in a family, with all the touch tempers and irritation that goes on. Now you get to see the other side, where we do stupid stuff for each other just because we like you. Rache is the little sister. Ivy's the big sister. I'm the uncle from out of state, and you're the rich nephew no one lies but we put up with you anyways because we feel sorry for you. Just let me help, huh? It won't kill you." Yes. Love. This! "What do you think I was doing? Looking through cupboards for no reason like a goober?" Well, apparently Pierce did so! "The hell we are! I blew a blasted hole in my wall! Dam it, Rachel, what do you want? I was sleeping." and "What? Ask Newt what?" Yes, be cautious, Al! "Please don't tell me you're making a pass at me. It will make the next five hundred years really awkward. Besides the last guy who said something like that to me while wearing nothing but a robe, I beat senseless with a chair leg." Well, he deserved it! "Okay. Let me see if I have this right. Al provokes me into defending myself. I nearly kill him. Then Newt tries to kill me, thinking I'm Ku'Sox. Al stops her, saving my life. And now we're all going to have s'mores together? What in hell is wrong with these people?" That they have labelled themselves as demons? They've been alive for at least 5000 years? "There's more than one bet to be settled tomorrow, and they made me the referee again. They never let me bet anymore. Not since I won Minias. Where is he, anyway? Oh, that's right. I killed him." Ah, Newt. Newt. 'Nuff said! "No. Friggin'. Way." Yeah, it's strange, but there is Lucy! "Trent had done the nasty with Ellasbeth? Ewwwwww." I'm with Rachel, gross! Poor Trent! "No one will tremble in terror at that. Oh my God! It's Rachel! Run! Hide!" Nice mocking the name she's had since birth! "Relax. You're the only female demon besides Newt, and she's f**king crazy. Let them look at you." Speak for yourself! "Don't look at her! Don't-. S**t. She's coming over." Newt is that bad to be around? "I still think you would have turned out fine if Dali hadn't dropped you when you were but a blastocyst." That's what Newt blames it on? Weird! "My dame's ashes. The poor boy is going to go off now to brood about world domination." Wouldn't that get him to leave you alone? And why do you keep saying things with your mom in them, Al? "'She's rather stupid yet.' 'I am not!' 'There, see? She is.'" Al, that's not nice! Love this exchange! "I am not going to be the person who completes you. You are one messed-up b**t." True to the former, and slightly true on the later! She is messed up! "You tried to slide his original curse back to him? At the restaurant? And I stopped you? Sweet mother pus bucket! Rachel, we have to work at this communication thing." Yeah, I think so! "A tailor. They were the only men who could order my father around." Nice profession pick, Trent! "And have it work? Never. But I've only tried it with birds and they are rather stupid. Be quiet." Trent, that's not reassuring! "'What the hell are you doing?' 'Trying to kiss you.' 'Why?' 'Trent is trying to get your soul back in your body, He can't do it unless you agree.'" Weird for the bits of Trent that got through, made whole with her mind, is speaking about Trend in 3rd person! So cute! "You mean like love's first kiss? That isn't going to happen! I don't love you!" Yet! But you will! "'My God, Rachel. An I so distasteful to you that you can't tolerate one kiss to save your life?' 'No. But I don't love you, and couldn't fake that.'" Get to the kissy kissy! "He was just a shade taller than me, and I was suddenly a hundred times more nervous, He practised wild magic, and he could sing his enemies to death or my soul into a bottle. He was dangerous now, tantalizingly dangerous, whereas before he'd been simply annoying, and my pulse increased." Because now he's Rachel candy! "Oh my God. I'm kissing Trent." Yes! Finally! "'This isn't working.' 'Because I'm the one doing everything here.'" Uh, cuz you're the one that knows wild magic! "Tink's pink dildo, all that money and he can kiss, too." Awkward! Trent, you made her believe that only the two of you would know! "'Thank you.' 'You said that.' 'I'm sorry for slapping you.' 'You said that, too.' 'Uh, you're a good kisser. It was nice.' His bandaged hand shifted behind his back as he turned to me, wonder in his expression. 'Is that why you asked me to stay?' 'No, but I figured you'd turn around if I said that. You're supposed to say I'm a good kisser, too.'" Well, it worked, the turning, and hopefully he'll say the good kisser thing, too, because the whole "wonder in his expression" thing! "'I meant it when I said you'd have a say in it.' 'You mean, like I have to babysit or something?' 'I was thinking more like godmother.'" That is so cute! "I had Trent's trust, and it was apparently an all-or-nothing affair. And I guess...he had mine." Yes, closer and closer! "Sometimes Trent's envelopes had money in them." And seeing what she went through...yeah. "'We can talk at Lucy's birthday party. You like clowns?' 'You are not subjecting that sweet little girl to clowns!'" Good start to the godmother thing! "I was eating Tink-blasted cotton candy while fairies were attacking my children!" So good thing for Belle! "'The kids fought them off. Them and that fairy girl.' 'Belle?' 'She has a name? You knew she was here?" 'Well, yeah. Didn't you? Jeez, Jenks. She's  been here for months.'" And he didn't know? Wow! "Trent was in my church. Why?" Very good question! "You could have all of this, too, Trent. All you have to do is quit your job, piss of the vampires, the Weres, a stupid human who knows black magic, and let a demon loose on a major metropolitan area. Oh wait, you did that." Love! "The I.S. is off my case, ad the vamps. Jeez, Trent. For the first time, there is no one gunning for me, including you!" Which is nice! "You getting your five-hundred-dollar fee cost David several thousand." Which sucks! "'And if you ever do want to come work for me-' he started, ruining the moment. 'Shut up, Trent, before I mash your face. Do you want to stay for pizza?'" Love the change in there! "'Uh, about that kiss.' 'Forget it. I am.' 'I was just going to say I was sorry for misleading you.'" No, you wanted more kisses! "The mix of fear and exhilaration filling me grew from the undeniable fact that Trent had liked that kiss we had shared. No only liked it but had hoped that I liked it, too. And that was very fine information to have indeed." And that is just a great ending! And I know she enjoyed it! Can't wait till The Undead Pool!

A Perfect Blood: "...hit the gas to make the next light before it turned and I was stuck behind Miss-America-Wannabe again. Rearview mirrors are for seeing who's behind you, not for putting on makeup." This is very true! "Oh my God, seeing him with a towel around his shower-wet hips had been worth the entire twenty-three hundred miles stuck in a Buick with a carsick pixy." Most definitely! "He stays. Got a problem, take it up with my mom." And then you'll walk away limping, because Rachel's mom is badass! "Jrixibell! Get the Turn out of the oven! What if someone shut you in there!" It would be bad! "Pixies perched on the backs of the chairs in rows, cheering when the crocodile took down the zebra. Pixies and nature shows went hand in hand. Who knew?" Now you, and us! "'Trent! Don't hurt him! He's my bodyguard!" 'My God, I forgot how heavy your are. I know he's your bodyguard. What is he doing carting you out of your church over his shoulder? Oh, I'm sorry. Did I interrupt some sort of dominance foreplay?' 'No.'" Oh, Trent! This is hilarious! "Thank you for coming over here and rescuing me from my bodyguard." Yeah, not really! "But I suppose it I could survive the embarrassment of Ivy and Jenks seeing my tongue halfway down Trent's throat, Glenn would survive my knowing that he and my roommate where exploring their options with a nymph." True, very true! "What is it with men and clothes? You think you'd rather go to war naked." Which would make you more vulnerable to wounds! "She's keeping an eye on me. She'll murder me in my sleep if she thinks I'm going to betray her or her surviving family, now living with Trent." Yeah, you live an eventful life, Rachel! "What the hell is wrong you Inderlanders! You can't just bust it open! Give me ten minutes, and I'll have a saw in here!" But they don't want to wait! "Yeah, the angrier she gets, the more the bad guys suffer." And they deserve it! "Storming HAPA with two dozen guns is after than sitting in a parked car with Dr. Cordova." That is very true! "Sorry? He was sorry?" Trent, you're so weird! "...I didn't want to push the new truce Trent and I seemed to have. Weird." Not weird, you're heading to where you're going in The Undead Pool! "I swear, if the little girl got her chubby hand on him and ripped his wings off, he deserved it." Not fun for Jenks, but he kinda would! " he came directly down into the pit by stepping on the couch cushions instead of using the stairs. The move shocked me-I'd never seen him do anything so casual before-and my chin dropped when he sat cross-legged right there on the floor beside Ceri and took Ray from me as if I might dock her ears right then and there." That is just so cute! "Jenks, I'd like a word with you concerning your vocabulary around my daughters." Because he's so used to swearing around his own. This is so precious, knowing that Ceri's not going to be in any book past Ever After! "The world is falling apart, and Ceri wants me to eat a cookie?" Of course! I'm not going to pick her up and carry her screaming to the basement. It's a workday. Besides, she has a crutch." That's not very nice, Trent! "I'm tired of it. Ever since camp you've been picking at me and my ideas." Poor Trent! "'Quen is the only allowed to push me. Got it?" 'Heaven should fall if I did,' Trent muttered." Oh, I think someone's feeling not so nice about that comment! "Lookie there, Rachel! Someone's going to let you in before the vacuum guys." Well, no, but it's the thought that counts! "I rescued you. Mmm. I've never done that before." Well, mostly because she didn't need it, and you did! "'You're not my Sa'han, though.' 'Ah, you heard that?' he said, face crimson. I'd never seen Trent blush, and I hesitated in my anger. 'Oh, yeah.'" and then, "'So you were out there perched in that tree looking for me because of some stupid Latin phrase?' 'Why do I even try?' he whispered to the ceiling. 'Rachel. Listen to me for once. I helped you get into this situation with demons, and I am standing beside you to get you out. Whatever it takes.'" Aw, I just love this, it's hints of what he feels for her! "Our eyes met over the length of the room, and when he saw my frightened, lost expression, his entire demeanour shifted. His lips parted and he pushed from the counter. Eyebrows high, he smiled faintly, anew excitement making his motions sharp. He knew. I was an open book to him. It had begun, my terrifying, I'm-not-afraid world." I'm soooo close to The Undead Pool! "Unless he jumps me to the ever-after, that is. 'Us. Unless he jumps us to the ever-after. Get it right, Rachel. I said I would help.' 'H-how...' I stammered, but he just smiled, his grip on my elbow never changing as he helped me to my chair." Love this so much! "The way he'd felt after finding her, suffering and struggling at the end of her endurance, had been a surprise. The idea that their antagonistic better-than-you relationship they'd had since kids was slipping into dangerous territory had him questioning his own actions. And her I am, secluding her away so she has only me to thank for what happens. Bloody hell and damnation, I don't have time for this." Poor Trent! But it's so cute! "His heart gave a thump. She was ready to take that damned bracelet off. He'd been preparing for weeks" charms, circles, invocations. Finally he would be able to show her he was more than just a checkbook. Why does that bother me so much?" Because you're falling in love with her! And she does see you as more then a check book!"'Don't do that.' 'Don't do what?' 'Sit on your desk and look sexy.'" Not really something he has control over! "No plan? How does this woman survive?" I would have to say, her friends, Trent! "...he looked up when she did, longing to touch her face in reassurance-she was shamed that she had hurt him. She as shamed that she had hurt him." And that means something to him! "Hi? Had she really said hi?" Yep. They have a strange relationship! "In that poised moment, something in him shifted, a possibility cascading over him so new that it hurt. What an I doing? I...I can't allow myself event think it!" The love thing? "This is a stupid idea, Rachel. Let's trust a demon to be reasonable. Brilliant!" Well, it's worked for her before! "But what truly shook him was when Algaliarept's angry smile faltered at her question, as if what she felt about him mattered. By all that was holy, the demon liked her?" Of course, he does! "Algaliarep was hurt that she left him. Hells bells." Kinda sweet, actually! "It wasn't a threat. No, it was more of a promise. She wouldn't leave unwillingly while he breathed. It was that simple." Which is going to evolve their relationship! "'Why? If it's not what I agreed to, I will burn Al's gonads off the first change I get. Turn around, I need to use your back for a second.' 'Ah, hold on a tick. How silly of me. This is the one. Here.'" Oh, Al, what were you trying to pull? "'Signing an unread contract with a demon wasn't every smart.' 'Oh, I beg to differ.' 'My office is trashed. Why are you smiling? My fish are dead.' 'Because Al and I are okay. And that's important to me. But I'm sorry about the fish.' 'You think that was okay?' 'Yup. Al fixed my leg. He could have taken me any time he wanted, but he listened. I told you not to do anything. That show you put on for him told him one thing, and one thing only.' 'What's that?' 'You're willing to risk death to help me.'" Which is so sweet! "Passion spiked through him. Almost without his volition, he reached up and gripped her wrist, wanting to pull her to him and kiss her soundly. But he stopped, unable to draw her down that last few inches. 'What are you doing?' he whispered, wishing she would tilt her head in invitation." Yeah, me too! "The want for that kiss had shocked him more than the interruption, and he fell back into the chair, cool and nonchalant as Quen came in with his questions and demands. He wasn't sure if he believed he'd really helped, but one thing was very clear. He wanted that again, that feeling of standing with her against all odds and succeeding. He wanted it so bad, he was going to risk destroying everything he and his father had worked for. He should walk away. Right now. But as she was ushered out the door under David's arm, all he wanted to do was follow her. What the hell was he doing, falling in love with a demon?" Uh, falling in love? "Lucky guess. Piss on my daisies, he had three spells going when I broke into his spell hut and caught him trying to-" That must be awkward for Trent! "Fun. He had called it fun. The Withons would have killed him had they caught him. That had been the agreement. He'd been confident enough of his success that it had been fun." Well, the Mrs. did catch him! But Trent was obviously a better parent then Ellasbeth! "So I've seen my boys do that a hundred times with the neighbouring pixy girls. Give her their favourite see and be too flustered to tell her what it was." And Trent did that with a ring? So cute! "Moving gracefully around the table, he lined up a shot that should have been easy-until he muffed it, sending the cue ball bouncing around to miss everything and come to a halt inches from where it had started." That takes skill, I believe! And a continuation of his words and previous actions! "'Most of your ex-boyfriends would have told you not to do it. He gave you a weapon.' 'Good God, now. That's not what I meant. I meant Nick would've told you to summon a demon to solve your problem. Marshal would've told you to not go at all. Pierce would probably have demanded to go with you, then gotten in the way and screwed it up. Trent, though, gave you a weapon. One you might use.'" And that is why Trent is the one for Rachel! "In the foyer where you left it last week when the evangelists were canvassing the neighbourhood." Why a sword against their potential? Seems like overkill! "Ask me again, you won't have to think about your family planning. Ever." Yeah, Glenn! "Rachel? Mmm, hi." Just woken up Trent sounds nice! "I said I'll look into it. I'm not brushing you off, but I'd like to show at my office, and I'm not dressed." So she can hear you get dressed over the phone? "I could hear the Miranda being recited, ignored." You think they'd listen to their rights, being arrested and all! "Everyone knows where I live. I've got a sign out front with my name on it, moss wipe!" Yeah, stupid! "'Was that supposed to have done something?' 'Something did.'" and "'I was in a meeting. Oh my God. I was in a meeting. I vanished right in front of them. I don't have my phone. My wallet.' 'Welcome to the club.'" Too cute for words, go Trent! "Oh, for sweet-loving Tink! I leave for five minutes, and you ask Trent to help you? Damn, girl, why didn't you just ask me to leave if you wanted some alone time to beat up the bad guy?" Cuz that's not what she intended? "The grit ground under Trent's thousand-dollar shoes as he crouched at Eloy's head, lifted it up by his hair, and slammed it back down. Eloy groaned, his entire body becoming slack." Loved how Trent did that, and the language was all casual like! "Find Eloy. Smack his head into a wall, dance on his guts...I'd get creative. Spontaneous like." Well, that'd be awesome! "Good God, my mother would laugh her pants off. I'd beaten up my bodyguard." Which isn't nice, but a subset of morbid humour! "'You're not going to believe this. They're at Junior's.' 'You're right. I don't believe you.'" 3rd time she's going to start a confrontation with a bad guy! "Dude. That's great stuff. Thanks." Weird to hear Trent called dude! "Its code name is Junior's, captain of the-men-who-don't-belong. Get it right." Love that she corrected them with their name of the place, and used her name for the mysterious group! "Hello, Cordova, Eloy. Nothing like a good caffeine buzz before kidnapping and mutilating more people, eh?" Love her sarcasm! "'I'm sorry, Rachel I should have worked harder to find a memory charm that worked on demons.' 'You remember?' 'B-but..' 'You remember! Oh my God! Trent! How?' 'My father owns the patent on those drugs. You don't think I know how to circumvent them? But you. Rachel...I didn't have time...It was either the pain charm or the memory charm, and I thought you'd rather be alive without your memory than dead with it.' 'The I.S. was wiping the memories of the witnesses, and since I didn't want to solve these crimes for them and wind up with nothing in my bank account...It doesn't work for anyone but demons. I would have found something for you, but there wasn't time to do that and everything else.' 'I'm glad you didn't forget.'" Me, too! So cute! "Pie? Trent liked cherry pie?" Learning more things about him! "Twenty minutes. Not likely. Let me have a go. Scaring civil servants is beyond all but the most depraved demons, and you, itchy witch, are not nearly nasty enough." Agreed! "'Where are we? Trent's interior gardens?' 'Of course. Popping right into Trenton Aloysius Kalamack's house would be rude.'" But you're a demon, why would you care about that? "...wondering what Trent felt about having become the first year-round landlord of a clan of fairies. They couldn't migrate, and this was far better than inviting them inside the house. Maybe I should set up a little hothouse of my own. Nah, I liked the pixies too much." Yes, keep the pixies inside! "He's been like this lately. Pooping into my kitchen like it's his closet and he's looking for his slippers. I think the other demons are giving him a hard time, and he's using me as an excuse to leave. He keeps taking my spelling equipment and whipped cream." Which is quite rude! But so adorable! "'Does Ceri know what we did on our coffee date yet?' 'God no. I think she suspects something, though. We've had cherry pie for desert five nights in a row.'" And we just learned that's something that Trent likes! Smells like a bribe! "She had both Lucy and Ray, the smaller baby, over her shoulder, looking back at Al. I stiffened and rose to my feet, even if the demon was following at an obvious ten-foot distance. He was making funny faces and turning his hair different colors to entertain the little dark-hared girl, and I didn't like it." Not for Lucy, too? That's not nice, Al! "Happy, happy. How did my life spiral down to making one person happy?" When she turned out to be the first female demon in over 5000 years? "I tensed, but l wasn't moving, instead pouting like a forgotten uncle as Lucy and Ray kicked and fussed. 'I didn't mean now," he protested. 'I'm not going to raise the child. I'm having enough trouble with Rachel.' Smiling at Lucy, he whispered, and with a sparkling explosion of lights, two dozen tiny horses with butterfly wings burst into existence. Both Lucy and Ray squealed in delight, Lucy almost squirming off Ceri's lap to chase them." That's so cute! "'Trent, some help here?' I said, but it wasn't until Al strode forward saying, 'Let me,' that Trent got to his feet and intercepted him, taking both babies and moving to a bench just down the way." Love how protective he is! "Clearly they hadn't united entirely on their child-rearing guidelines when it came to demons. Trent wanted to take the girls into the vault, and Ceri wanted to use it as a learning experience. Me, I was learning toward the vault." Sorry, Ceri, you'd be outnumbered! "I'm not sure. There are schools of thought that say we had wings once. I occasionally have dreams of being able to fly. It could be...nothing." It must suck to not know what you're supposed to look like, if you mom hadn't changed you in the womb! "'Ah, little girls. All the best things wrapped up in sweet innocent and a will of iron. Escaping her father to play with the demon.' 'You!' Ceri said, and then her face became alarmed when Lucy shrieked in delight, her pace boobing as her path became clear. She as headed for Al, not Ceri. Trent's hands spread wide in dismay as he hovered behind her, not wanting to ruin her first steps, but not wanting her to touch, Al, either. 'Me. The big bad demon.' 'Begone, demon. Your work here is done.' Al smiled, the dim light making the shadows where there should be none as he leaned toward Lucy while she squealed in delight and tipped forward. Trent lunged, but it was too late, and Al calmly reached forward and caught her as if he'd been doing it all his life. 'Done? No,' Al said, as Trent snatched her back, but the damage had been wrought, and the girls were clearly not afraid of him. 'I do believe that it is just beginning.'" Another fantastic ending!

Yeah, so fantastic to have these to read, loved rereading them, and yeah, writing this afterwards, but I had to read more of the series!

Author: Kim Harrison
Series: The Hollows #9, 10
First Read: August 25th, 26th, 2013
Read: December 6th, 7th, 2014
Source: Own!
Reason Why: Rereading! And they're Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2014 Books!
Publisher: Harper Voyage
Published: February 22nd 2011, February 21st 2012

Pale Demon:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

A Perfect Blood:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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