Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Few Random Thoughts

So I have a few things going on. Well, one big thing. I'm back at school, and yesterday was the last day of the first week! Now till the middle of December left to go-with originally 4 8 o'clock mornings, now 3, thank goodness, because I really don't like mornings!

So this has been changing when I can blog, so sometimes I'll be late with things, and I'm sorry about it. But I'm trying my best to stay on top of things, as well as doing well in school-hopefully I can do both, but if not, school's going to have to come first, because it costs money!

I do have a problem with over-requesting ARC's, more than I can really read. So I'm trying to request books that I know that I'll read as soon to their publication date-before-because that's more fun. And to help me do that, I'll going to my the books I request WoW books, because when I create my WoW posts, I do a month at a time, so if these ARCs are in there, then I have advance warning that those books are going to be published, and so I'd read them as soon as possible. Hopefully this works out well, because other methods I've tried haven't worked out too well!

A little tidbit, is that I've now read over 365 books this year, so I've made my yearly goal! So that's nice to know, though I hope to get to over 400 again this year!

So those are just some of my thoughts. What about you guys? Happy reading!

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