Thursday, December 14, 2017


Well, my computer arrived! And I'm really excited, like the title says, this feels a bit like Christmas, especially since this is technically part Christmas gift! I've already got all my files over, my programs installed, and things how I like them, well, when I can figure out how to get them that way! Apparently newer computers have the account from Microsoft, vs. having a user of the computer, so that's different for me!

Old computer was on 40% battery, and it was loads of fun switching the mouse's USB thing between the computers because the old computer doesn't have a working mouse. And yeah, it's great having a computer that touch pad and such works!

I wasn't expecting it to come by today, I was just hoping. I mean, yesterday it checked into Calgary. And then this morning, when I checked it, it said that they'ed scanned for the destination, which I misread and thought was departure for a chunk of today. And then I checked it again and it said delivered! You should've seen my race to the front door! And there it was! I was so excited to open and see it!

Sure, this computer is different from my old one-it's a bit bigger and heavier, and there's a separate number key pad, and the edges of the computer are different, and this keyboard feels so weird! Which some of these might seem like complaints, well, it's just that it's new and I still have to get to used to it, and I can't wait to!

This is my first post (well, published and posted, because I kinda did a few (52-ish) meme posts because I've already started my 2018 meme posts) done on this computer, and I can't wait to write more!

So yeah, the final update in my computer journey!

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