Thursday, December 7, 2017

Waiting Game

So I mean to write this post yesterday, but kinda got busy with other things!

So I just posted Computer Problems! and I decided that I would do updates whenever anything happened. And what happened was that I ordered a new-to-me laptop (it's refurbished) that has more RAM and more memory, and it's kinda a little bit less destructible, so hopefully it'll last me for a while, at least 5 years like this one!

So it's ordered, and it's shipped, but it hasn't reached UPs facility yet, so I have no idea when it's going to arrive. But yesterday, I binge watched youtube theories, and updated my files on my usb sticks to I can transfer them over to the new computer.

In the meantime, I managed to charge this computer, so it'll 100% instead of 3%. So that's much better, but with all the issues this computer has (it's old, it randomly pops out the DVD thing, the touchpad doesn't work, there's bits and pieces broken off of it) and this new one, where the charger has to be in a specific position or it won't charge, or it might not even register as being plugged in, I had to get a new laptop. This one will just become my backup one, or in the rare instance where I might need more than one computer. Hey, it could happen! 

I'm just about done that now (I don't have enough space for my movies) so like the title suggests, it's now a waiting game, for when the computer arrives and I can start using it!

I'll have future posts whenever something happens, because while I'm pretty sure nobody's interested, well, it'll be a record (information, not beating something) for me. Yep.

What about you guys? Happy reading!


  1. Good luck with managing until your new computer arrives! My husband and I just had to order a new desktop, because we got tired of our 7+ year desktop randomly deciding to shut down when we were working on it. :p It's much better now!

    1. Thanks! I would not like having a computer randoming shutting down, so yeah a new computer! Glad that it's better! Thanks for stopping by! Happy reading!


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