Sunday, October 16, 2011

I Have an Update! #17, October 16th

New Plots:

Exchange Note: Money has become obsolete, nobody cares about paper. They care about brains, and bodies, and souls. With that kind of currency, life is good. But when someone tries to take it away, people will fight.

Freedom is bought With Blood: To join the gang, Freedom, you have to complete some tasks that cause you to bleed. How does one young girl face the challenges ahead of her to escape her home life?

A Property, an Opportunity, and a Pair: This was home. It was perfect, and there was something about it that meant that I would be happy here. But there were 2 sides to it, a good one, and an evil one. As it plays tricks, what will happen?

Today's is Yesterday's Tomorrow: We’re living the past and the future at the same time. When we find a way to live all 3 days at once, what happens with that much time going on, and all the things that happen with 3 you’s running around, and affecting each day in different ways?

Crossing the Gore: In a horrible car accident that cost Emily her whole family, she swears that she’s going to help people in her situation. When she’s drawn to the gore that her family crossed when they dead, she sees it in her head, replaying again and again. Then suddenly, she steps in, and changes it a slight bit. Wondering about this, she tests it again, and finds she can change accidents so that they wouldn’t be as bad. What bad things happen because of that?

Monthly Word Count: 187 752 words. So a pretty good week!

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