Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Have an Update! #18, October 23rd

New Plots:
An Old Lighthouse: The old lighthouse in the now a not a bay has always been a bit different. Instead of light, it was sound it broadcasted. Sounds of torture, screams, and begging. How did they get there, and how will they stopped?

The Truth is You're a Liar: Joy-Anne is incapable of lying anymore after a surgery that removed her vocal cords. When she witnesses a plot to do the same to everybody else, she tries to tell people, but they don’t believe her. How can she prove the truth when she’s known as a liar before they enact their plot?

Too Deep to Trust: Joy-Anne got what she wanted. And everybody else didn't. How are we going to stop her from ruining the world?

Monthly Word Count: 213 734. So pretty good. Happy with that.

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