Saturday, August 17, 2013

Week 33 Review: Sandstorm

From Goodreads:
An inexplicable explosion rocks the antiquities collection of a London museum, setting off alarms in clandestine organizations around the world. And now the search for answers is leading Lady Kara Kensington; her friend Safia al-Maaz, the gallery's brilliant and beautiful curator; and their guide, the international adventurer Omaha Dunn, into a world they never dreamed existed: a lost city buried beneath the Arabian desert. But others are being drawn there as well, some with dark and sinister purposes. And the many perils of a death-defying trek deep into the savage heart of the Arabian Peninsula pale before the nightmare waiting to be unearthed at journey's end: an ageless and awesome power that could create a utopia . . . or destroy everything humankind has built over countless millennia.

My Review:
I really really enjoyed this book so much! From all the twists-like Kara's father is also Safia's friend? And that he died pretty much in the place that they were going? And that Safia's mom came from a line of ladies that replicated the mitochondrial cells to have babies, so they didn't need any males? Yeah.

So it was really great to have Painter on a mission, before he became the leader of Sigma, and would pretty much be stuck behind a desk (though we know he doesn't stay there!) and to kinda have his heart broken by Safia choosing  Dunn over him.

With all the back and forth stuff, and finding out little things that start to snowball into a lot of things, yeah, that's half of the reason why I love these James Rollins books. It makes me very impatient to get to the next mini cliffhanger, so I can see how another character dealt with the last one they had!

Between the ladies, and then the earth-created water, and the antimatter, yeah, this book had a lot of great science! And yeah, I just wanted to know more about it, it was pretty interesting! Like when they were on that boat going places! It was awesome! But the back and forth to find a safe place, I kinda liked it, kinda didn't! But most of them survived, so yeah!

This was a really great book, I enjoyed rereading it a lot, now to reread more!

Author: James Rollins
Series: Sigma Force #1
Read: August 14th, 2013
Source: Own
Reason Why: Rereading!
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Published: June 29th 2004
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
3/5 Stars

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