Friday, October 10, 2014

Sherry Thomas Author Page

The Story: Well, I got The Perilous Sea from Edelweiss, so of course I had to read the first book to read it, and yeah, just absolutely loved both! And yeah, I got The Hidden Blade from NetGalley, so  yeah, I have to read it!


Series: The Elemental Trilogy, The Heart of Blade Duology, Lady Scarlet.

The Elemental Trilogy: The Burning Sky and her site, my review, The Perilous Sea and her site, my review, The Immortal Heights and her site, my review.

The Heart of Blade Duology: The Hidden Blade and her site, my review, My Beautiful Enemy and her site, my review.

Lady Scarlet: A Study in Scarlet Women and her site, my review, A Conspiracy in Belgravia and her site, my review.

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