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Week 25 Reviews: The Tenth Power, The Taste of Lightning

From Goodreads:
Kate Constable's magnificent musical trilogy reaches its high note as Calwyn returns to Antaris and discovers the true Singer of All Songs.

At the beginning of THE SINGER OF ALL SONGS, Calwyn fled Antaris with Darrow to defeat the ambitious chanter Samis. In THE TENTH POWER, she comes back to the mountains in hopes of rejuvenating her lost powers of chantment. But Samis's magic left terrible scars on Antaris, so Calwyn finds only conflict rather than the peace she craved. Meanwhile, Darrow suffers from a sickness that has sapped his magic as well as his strength--and Samis has returned to continue his quest for the Singer of All Songs. All of Tremaris seems to be dying. How can Calwyn save the land, and finally save them all?

From Goodreads:
Tansy, Perrin, and Skir could hardly be more different—a laundry maid, a swordsman, and a young priest-king whose countries are at war. But their frantic escape from Arvestel thrusts them together. Pursued by soldiers and haunted by the witch-woman's sinister magic, they ride for their lives through hostile lands. To survive they must learn to trust each other, strip away the layers of deception that surround Skir, and challenge the tyranny of the witch-woman. But what will happen if all truths are revealed? And will the power of the priest-king be enough to bring peace to the Threelands? This thrilling adventure set within a storm of secrecy takes place within the world of the Chanters of Tremaris series. Picking up 20 years after the last book in the trilogy, in a different country, fans of the series will love it, as well as newcomers looking for strong girls and believable worlds in the style of Tamora Pierce.

My Review:
I loved reading these books so much! I've loved The Tenth Power since I first read it, so it was great to read it again. Taste of Lightning was new, but it was just so good! I didn't know before putting this post together that it was set 20 years later, but yeah, so good!

So Calwyn is going home after the ending of The Waterless Sea, having lost her powers. So she's not really in the best mood. Then she gets home, and things aren't how she left them! So there's that to deal with.

Everything that led to that just really excellent ending, the tenth power being the written word, sending away the bad,d guy, healing the world, and her being with Darrow, and her pregnant, just a great ending!

Then Taste of Lightning, with new characters, in a place of Tremaris that we hadn't been before, with new characters, was just really great! And that Calwyn was mentioned, made Trout being Skir's mentor, and Skir being Calywn and Darrow's son all the more special!

I just really enjoyed both of these so much, and I'd love more books in this series, in this world!

Author: Kate Constable
Series: The Chanters of Tremaris #3, 4
Read: June 17th, 17th, 2013
Source: Own
Reason Why: I need to reread this series, because it's so freaking good, and they're Sequel Challenge 2013 Books, and Historical Fiction 2013 Books! And The Tenth Power is a End of Series 2013 Book!
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Published: March 1st 2005, July 21st 2010

The Tenth Power:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

The Taste of Lightning:
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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