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Week 1 Reviews: Tracker, Bloodline

From Goodreads:
From New York Times bestselling author James Rollins comes a stirring story of a soldier and his military war dog who are drawn into a dark mystery tracing back to World War II and a lost treasure tied to the bones of the dead.

Off the blustery streets in the medieval heart of Budapest, Captain Tucker Wayne and his war dog, Kane, rescue a mysterious woman fleeing three armed men. The secret she holds will unlock a terrible treasure, one steeped in blood and treachery, tied to a crime going back to the fall of Nazi Germany and a heritage of suffering and pain that reaches out from the past to wreak havoc today. In a final showdown in the depths of a lost cemetery, truths will be unearthed, treasures exposed, and the fate of all will rest upon the shoulders of one man and a dog whose courage is beyond measure.

From Goodreads:
New York Times bestselling author James Rollins takes you to the edge of modern medicine, genetics, and technology, revealing the next evolutionary leap forward: Immortality—a future conceived through the monstrous ingenuity of man . . .

Galilee, 1025. A cunning Templar knight uncovers a holy treasure: the Bachal Isu—the staff of Jesus Christ—a priceless icon that holds a mysterious and terrifying power that will forever change humanity if unleashed.

A millennium later, Somali pirates hijack a yacht off the coast off the Horn of Africa, kidnapping a young pregnant American woman and brutally killing her husband. Painter Crowe and his SIGMA team are enlisted for the top secret rescue mission. The kidnapped woman is Amanda Gant-Bennett, the daughter of U.S. president James Gant. Crowe is more than a little suspicious that the kidnapping masks a far more nefarious plot.

In the field, Commander Gray Pierce leads his small team of operatives into the treacherous African jungle to find the missing woman. But what should be a straightforward rescue turns into a fiery ambush and a deadly act of betrayal. As Commander Pierce and his team discover, the hostage is a pawn in a shattering act of terrorism with dark and shocking repercussions. And the danger is only beginning . . .

My first review of Bloodline
My Review:
Oh, I absolutely loved these books! So freaking good, and the story was enriched by Tracker, because I didn't read it the first time, but I did this time, and we got so much more detail with that book, with more Kane POV's!

I think the Kane POV's were my most favourite, because they were really unique, and and different from the only other one that I've read, the Warriors series, which had one with dogs. So yeah, there was that, plus, I have 2 doggies (though they are definitely not as well trained as Kane!)

And then there was the pain for Gray. I'd forgotten about what happened to his mom at the end of The Devil Colony, so yeah, I didn't have that the first time I read Bloodline, but I did this time, and yeah, his pain, adding to that, his dad's increasingly worsening symptoms of Alzheimers, yeah, Gray's head isn't in a good place with this mission!

Yeah, we got to connect Deep Fathom even more to the Sigma series beyond Lisa, because Jack is in this book briefly, supplying a sub so they can get close to the bad guys' location without them knowing! And yeah, this was way better to read without the reprinted pages, because those pages printed over ones that hadn't happened yet, so I missed them the first time, and I didn't this time!

Oh, loved these stories a lot, and I can't wait for another James Rollins book!

Author: James Rollins
Series: Sigma #7.5, 8
First Read: August 4th, 2012
Read: December 30th, 30th, 2013
Source: Tuebl, Own
Reason Why: Rereading! And they're Sequel Challenge 2013 Books!
Publisher: William Morrow
Published: June 12th 2012, June 26th 2012

5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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