Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Alexandra Bracken Author Page

The Story: I had The Darkest Minds to be read, and yeah, when it came out, I got it from the library, and I read it, and I loved it, and then I got lucky and got Never Fade from NetGalley, which was awesome, so I got to read that early, and yeah, now I can't wait for In The Afterlight!


Series: The Darkest Minds, Passenger.

The Darkest Minds: The Darkest Minds and her site, my review, my rereadIn Time and her site, my review, my rereadNever Fade and her site, my review, my rereadSparks Rise and her site, my reviewIn The Afterlight and her site, my review.

Passenger: Passenger and her site, my review, Wayfarer.

Stand Alone's: Brightly Woven and her site, my review.

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