Sunday, January 15, 2017

How Well I Stuck to It #122, January 15th

So I decided that I should have accountability on sticking to what should be in a week, so I'm doing How Well I Stuck to It every Sunday, because my schedule should be fixed in by now!

Week 4:
All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks, Embraced by Darkness by Keri Arthur, The Forgotten by Heather Graham, One Blood Ruby by Melissa Marr, Ones and Zeroes by Dan Wells, Silver Stars by Michael Grant

Tour Books: NA.

Review Books: NA.

NetGalley: 1. Check.

Edelweiss: 3. Check.

Meme Books: NA.

Rereads: NA.

New Books: 2. Check.

So this week balances out more than others have, though it still doesn't make it all the way. Oh, well, looks really great and I can't wait to read it! What about you guys? Happy reading! 

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