Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Life Lesson I'm Learning and Some News

So something that I'm learning, is that things don't last. Not a hard rule, there are exceptions, but most of the time, it doesn't last. That good day, that bad luck, the ups and the downs...they won't last. Even if the effects last, the emotion fades and the new way life is settles in. The bad will pass. So will the good, so appreciate it while it lasts! This is something I'm learning, and trying to remember when going through the ups and downs of this thing called life!

And some news! First off, that thing on a few Sundays ago that I said that I was going to talk about but never did, because I got too tired and too busy? Well, we moved! It was pretty quick, and it meant that I was home ever weekend to pack and move stuff over because of a previous deal that fell through, we already owned the new home. And by we, I mean my mom and dad, but still. It's the address that the government has for me, and it's where the majority of my stuff is. (Mostly books, of course! :) ) So yeah, that was pretty exciting and hectic and quite a journey, and I'm glad it's done because it was tiring because I moved all of my things that weren't furniture almost all by myself, besides some help moving some things, and as parents say, them letting me use the car to transfer the stuff. Anyways.

Another bit of news, and why I've not been keeping up so well with my blog is, that I had a course that I had to finish. And I've officially finished it today! But around the start of November, I got an email saying that the end date was the 17th, when I thought it was closer to the end of the month. And I hadn't even started it. So the focus had to be on that, since it cost money, and this doesn't. I also fell behind on tv shows, but that had already been happening. So I had to do the reading, the assignments, and the final. I finished the reading last week, 3 assignments on Thursday, the final on Friday, and today, the last 3 assignments, so I'm now done! Now to get back to normal, plus work on some other homework!

But now I can also get caught up on my blog, which feels good, because I don't like falling behind and just posting templates of memes without content! Most of it, I've tried to stay up to date, but a few fell behind, so I'll be working on that, as well as the backlog stuff, I'm currently in May 2013, but once I get to around March 2014, things should go much faster! Yep.

What about you guys? Happy reading!

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