Friday, February 6, 2015

C.C. Humphreys Author Page

The Story: I got Blood Ties somewhere, I don't remember where! But I enjoyed it, and then I got Jack Absolute, and I really enjoyed it so much! And then I got The Hunt for the Unicorn, and I just enjoyed it a lot! So some pretty great books! Can't wait to read more!


Series: Jack Absolute, French Executioner.

Jack Absolute: Irresistible Jack Absolute and my review, Jack Absolute and her site, my review, The Blooding of Jack Absolute and his site, my review, Absolute Honour and his site, my review.

The French Executioner: The French Executioner and his site, my review, Blood Ties and his site, my review

Stand Alone's: The Hunt for the Unicorn and his site, my review, Vlad: The Last Confession and his site, my review.

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