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Week 23 Review: Dead Over Heels

From Goodreads:
The end of the world just might be their perfect beginning…

Glenview, North Carolina. Also known―at least to sixteen-year-old Ava Pegg―as the Land of Incredibly Boring Vacations. What exactly were her parents thinking when they bought a summer home here? Then the cute-but-really-annoying boy next door shows up at her place in a panic…hollering something about flesh-eating zombies attacking the town.

At first, Ava's certain that Cole spent a little too much time with his head in the moonshine barrel. But when someone―or something―rotted and terrifying emerges from behind the woodpile, Ava realizes this is no hooch hallucination. The undead are walking in Glenview, and they are hungry. Panicked, Ava and Cole flee into the national forest. No supplies, no weapons. Just two teenagers who don't even like each other fighting for their lives. But that's the funny thing about the Zombpocalypse. You never know when you'll meet your undead end. Or when you'll fall dead over heels for a boy…

My Review:
Another fantastic and funny book! I loved the writing so much, and the voices-espcially Cole's words, because it's not often that I read them! So hilarious, and falling in love while escaping the zombies was just excellent to read!

This book was different then Donna. For one thing, Donna, was mostly set in the high school. This book, was set in a forest, with them travelling, which set a different tone. Plus, Donna had the voices in her head, and Ava has pretty server allergies. Plus, there was mentions of China being the first country dealing with this, which I don't remember being in Donna, or at least, wasn't mentioned as much as it was in this book!

I really enjoyed them on this journey, from his ex-girlfriend who didn't get the "ex" part, who is a crazy, evil version of Donna, or another version of what's-his-name from Donna of the Dead. Ava was quite clever there, in the end!

So I'm really glad that there's a 3rd book. Because while there's potential a way to keep from being infected-cauterizing the wound-and or Cole and his family might be immune or something, well, there's still a ton of zombies, to either kill or save. And I want to see that!

Favourite lines: "Yeah, a bunch of brain-dead cannibals don't care whether you use the PC term to describe their affliction." Nope! "Apparently zombies don't know "stop, drop, and roll.'" Well, technically, they forgot, since before they were zombies, they probably knew! "There's no time to freak out. Cole gives up on the branch and takes a running leap, tackling the zombie. Worst. Idea. Ever." Agreed! "That's it. New rule: no more flirting during the zombie apocalypse." But then what's the point of surviving? "Crap. This is like playing whack-a-mole with my subconscious. Panties? Quit being a perv. Panties? Quit being a perv." Well, you had a good reason for seeing said panties-saving her life! "Yeah, Dad says there are seven full perimeters protecting downtown—barbed wire and sandbags. And lots of people with guns. You North Carolina residents sure like your guns." Well, they sure are useful now!

Loved reading this book, it was really hilarious, and I can't wait for the 3rd book!

Author: Alison Kemper
Series: Dead #2
Read: June 5th, 2015
Source: NetGalley
Reason Why: Really enjoyed book 1, and yeah, it's a 2015 Dystopia Book and a Prequel & Sequel Challenge 2015 Book!
Publisher: Entangled Teen
Published: September 29th 2014
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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