Saturday, November 10, 2012

Week 45 Review: Passing Strange

From Goodreads:
Karen DeSonne is used to pretending to be something she's not. All her life, she's passed as a normal all-American teenager; with her friends, with her family, and at school. Passing cost her the love of her life. And now that Karen's dead, she's still passing - this time, as "alive." 

Meanwhile, Karen's dead friends have been fingered in a high-profile murder, causing a new round of anti-zombie regulations that have forced nearly all of Oakvale's undead into hiding. Karen soon learns that the "murder" was a hoax, staged by Pete Martinsburg and his bioist zealots. Obtaining enough evidence to expose the fraud and prove her friends' innocence means doing the unthinkable: betraying her love by becoming Pete's girlfriend. Karen's only hope is that the enemy never realizes who she really is - because the consequences would be even worse than death.

My Review:
I really enjoyed this book so much! It's got Karen as a narrator in this book, which was really great, to have a new voice in the series! And this was such a fantastic sequel, what with everything that was going on in this book!

So of course a bioist zealot would fake a murder to make things extremely hard on the zombies. And of course the only way to get evidence of that is to be his girlfriend. Which is a situation that was screaming conflict! And boy, was there!

From the cover, you might be able to get something that's a pretty big part of Karen's character.And I'm not sure if it was something that we knew before from the first two books or not, I can't remember. But it was in this book, and part of her happy ending, and that was really great!

For some reason, though, this book was harder for me to get into then the previous  books. I don't know if it was that Karen was narrating, the writing was different, or what. But I just didn't connect as well to this book as I did to the others, and it sucks!

But I did enjoy this book, it was really good to read!

Author: Daniel Waters
Series: Generation Dead #3
Read: November 7th, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: Enjoyed the first 2 books! And it's a WTC Book!
Publisher: Hyperion Book CH
Published: June 1st 2010
4/5 Hearts
1/5 Books
2/5 Stars

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