Saturday, November 17, 2012

Week 46 Review: 5 Bodies to Die For

From Goodreads:
The Charmed Killer is on the loose in Atlanta and Carlotta Wren is caught up in the terror--especially when her body-moving side business brings her dangerously close to the action."And then..."

She's forced to take refuge in her former fiance's house--much to the chagrin of other interested parties...

Her brother Wesley begins to behave as if he has his own death wish...

And someone close to her is implicated in the mass murders.

Meanwhile, Carlotta can't shake the feeling that danger is dogging her seemingly cursed family--and that the serial killer's exploits are starting to get personal...

My Review:
It was so amazing to read this book again! I've just loved this series, and I've almost caught up to what's currently been published again, and while that means that I'll be in for a wait, well, oh, well, this series is worth it!

And again this book is part of the change in the series, with the Charmed Killer still out and about after the end of this book! Which sucks for the victims, but they are not real, and this is a book, and there must be conflict!

Oh, things are going on, and things are heating up, and everything is meaning more, and yeah, all of that is just utter awesomeness! I loved spending more time with these characters, they have a lot of adventures and complications!

And while I have read this book before, I forgot who the bad guy truly was. So I had to read it from the ending of 6 Killer Bodies, and yeah, it makes total sense, and is totally worth reading these books and waiting for it!

Really enjoyed this book, just so good, and I can't wait to read more!

Author: Stephanie Bond
Series: Body Movers #5
Read; November 10th, 2012
Source: BookMooch
Reason Why: Love this series! And rereading!
Publisher: Mira
Published: May 25th 2009
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
4.5/5 Stars

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