Thursday, September 25, 2014

Lauren DeStefano Author Page

The Story: Wither! It sounded good, had a lot of hype, of course I read it! That was just when I was really getting into YA, and yeah, I remember fondly Wither, and the whole series, and I need to read her new series soon!


Series: The Chemical GardenThe Internment Chronicles, The Glass Spare.

The Chemical Garden: Wither and her site, my review, my reread, The Seeds of Wither and her site, my review, Fever and her site, my review, my reread, Sever and her site, my review, my reread.

The Internment Chronicles: Perfect Ruin and her site, my review, No Intention of Dying and my review, Burning Kingdoms and her site, my reviewThe Heir Apparent and my reviewBroken Crowns and my review.

The Glass Spare: The Glass Spare and her site, my review.

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