Tuesday, September 23, 2014

J.T. Ellison Author Page

The Story: Another book I got at the Church garage sale! And yeah, I didn't read it until I noticed that it was part of a series, and then I started to devour all of them, and yeah, it led to a really great series, and a great spin off series!


Series: Taylor JacksonDr. Samantha OwensA Brit in the FBI.

Taylor Jackson: Field of Graves and her sitemy reviewAll the Pretty Girls and her site, my review14 and her site, my reviewJudas Kiss and her site, my reviewThe Cold Room and her sitemy review, my rereadThe Immortals and her sitemy review, my rereadSo Cold the Hand of Death and her sitemy review, my reread, Blood Sugar Baby and her site, my reviewWhere All the Dead Lie and her sitemy review, my reread, Whiteout and her site, my review.

Dr. Samantha Owens: A Deeper Darkness and her site, my review, my rereadEdge of Black and her site, my review, my rereadWhen Shadows Fall and her site, my review, What Lies Behind and her site, my review.

A Brit in the FBI: The Final Cut and her sitemy reviewThe Lost Key and her site, my review, The End Game and her site, my review, The Devil's Triangle and her site, my review.

Novellas: Slices of Night and her site, my review, Storm Season and her site, my review.

Stand Alone's: The First Decade and her site, my review, No One Knows and her sitemy review, Lie to Me and her site, my review.

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