Sunday, February 8, 2015

P.C. Cast Author Page

The Story: People were talking about the House of Night series, so I checked it out, and I've enjoyed it, though I feel it's stretched out way past then it should've been! Can't wait to read the whole thing together!


Series: House of NightHouse of Night Novellas,

House of Night: Marked and their site, my review, Betrayed and their site, my review, Chosen and their site, my review, Untamed and their site, my review, Hunted and their site, my review, Tempted and their site, my review, Burned and their site, my review, Awakened and their site, my review, Destined and their sitemy review, my reread, Hidden and their sitemy review, my reread,   Revealed and their site, my review, Redeemed and their site, my review.

House of Night Novellas: Dragon's Oath and their site, my review, Lenobia's Vow and their site, my review, Neferet's Curse and their site, my review, Kalona's Fall and their site, my review.

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