Saturday, December 15, 2012

Week 50 Review: Sleep No More

From Goodreads:
One woman held captive for decades… 
Another one freed by the truth… 

Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan knows what it's like to be haunted by the past.  For years after her daughter Bonnie was stolen from her, she fought for closure.  But now as she's striving to begin anew, she can't shake the feeling that something terrible is about to happen—or maybe already has.  When her mother, Sandra, asks for help in finding a missing friend named Beth Avery, Eve is sure that she's hiding something.  It’s odd that Sandra would get involved at all, and the fact that she adamantly refuses to go to the police for help reinforces Eve’s suspicions that something is very wrong.

Eve learns that Beth has been locked away in a mental hospital for years, which makes it even harder to understand how she could have disappeared. As Sandra reluctantly reveals small pieces of the truth about Beth's identity, Eve is shocked to discover that their lives are strangely entwined, and Beth's disappearance now puts them all in grave danger.

 Desperate, Eve enlists a secret weapon to pick up Beth's trail:  rogue profiler, Kendra Michaels. With an uncanny ability to detect clues and solve puzzles, Kendra begins to uncover the bizarre circumstances of Beth's escape from what should have been the safety of her hospital room. Beth is on the run, and as her mind clears--detoxing from the drugs that have held her prisoner--she begins to see the threads of a twisted plot within the powerful Avery family, threatening to destroy Beth and anyone else who might jeopardize the high-stakes game that is already in play.

My Review:
I enjoyed this book so much! The Eve-Quinn-Bonnie mini trilogy in the series was really good, and yeah, as the first book set after that, well, it had a lot to live up to. And it met it, so much, because this was a really great story!

Honestly, I thought that there wasn't anything in Eve's past that needed a book to have it's story told. And technically, it isn't Eve's past. It's her mom, seeing as Beth is older then Eve, and before the events of this book, Eve and Beth hadn't met. So I really enjoyed the story about these sisters!

Kendra is in the Eve Duncan series! Yeah! I really enjoyed that, they were both really great characters to read about together, they're both strong ladies who know their own minds, and stick to their guns, and yeah, they worked together really well after they worked out the kinks!

Beth, and what happened to her, and now what her escape is triggering, was a really interesting character/situation. I mean, it sucked that she was drugged and locked up that long, but she's now out, and while some bad things are happening, secrets are coming to light, and that's a good thing!

I enjoyed reading this book so much, and I can't wait for more!

Author: Iris Johansen
Series: Eve Duncan #12
Read: December 11, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: Enjoy Iris Johansen's writing, and Eve! And it's a Reward Challenge Book!
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published: October 16th 2012
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
4/5 Stars

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