Saturday, December 29, 2012

Week 52 Review: How to Tame a Lady

From Goodreads:
Lady Nicole Daughtry has vowed never to be vulnerable to any man. Despite the many suitors vying for the dazzling beauty's hand, she has seen the damage love can inflict and wants no part of it. Until she meets Lucas Paine, Marquess of Basingstoke, whose aura of danger and mystery draws her like no other....Lucas is a man with a mission--and a powerful thirst for revenge. The last thing he can afford is the distraction of a pretty face. But a scandalous affair with Nicole could be just the cover he needs to outwit his enemies. With treachery everywhere, and Nicole's very life in his hands, Lucas will face his greatest challenge yet--to keep the lady safe from harm... and his heart safe from her.

My Review:
Oh, this book! I read the previous book, when she and her sister were younger, and yeah, now reading her story, that was really fantastic! I enjoyed it so much! Her story, hers and Lucas', was just great to read!

Nicole's been burned by love, not her own love, but by watching others. And yet, then there's Lucas, and the heart wants what it wants, it's a stubborn organ like that! And while neither wants to love the other, well, love wins out in the end!

To be honest, I didn't like Nicole as much as Lydia or Charlie. Yeah, she was a really awesome character, but she was just a little too much for me to like her as much as I liked her sister/sister-in-law. Yeah.

Really enjoyed how they got their happy ending, that after all that they were facing, that they got it, that was just utterly fantastic, and I was really happy that they got it, because they deserved to get that! They did fight very hard!

Really enjoyed this book, now to read the 4th one, yeah!

Author: Kasey Michaels
Series: Daughtry Family #2
Read: December 27-28, 2012
Source: Bought/Library
Reason Why: Enjoying the series!
Publisher: HQN Books
Published: October 1st 2009
5/5 Hearts
5/5 Books
5/5 Stars

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