Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Years!!! 2018 Version

So another year, another New Years post! This year has been better than last year for the world, it feels like, less global-heart-wrenching deaths, and yeah, I officially graduated college, but I didn't read as much as last year, which is weird, because I had more time. Maybe because I had more time. Who knows!

Anyways, I think I did pretty good with my goals, I did beat my 400 books read goal, I had my meme posts created before January was over and I've already done 2018's meme posts, and all I had to do, and will have to do, is add the day to day content. I did fall behind on reviews from time to time, but yeah, I think I'm ending this year on a good note! 3, 4, and 5, not sure what progress I really made with them, so keeping them for this year!

1. Like the past 5 years, just read. For fun, what I want to, and challenges, but if I don't enjoy a book, I put it down before it starts wasting my time. There are so many fantastic books, that if I don't like it, then why shouldn't I move on to the next utterly great book? I read over 800 books for 2 of the last years, and then about 500 in the other two, and then 700 last year, and this year, around 600, so my goal for this year is again 400! Though officially for Goodreads, it's 365 again!

2. Blog regularly. Reviews will be a subset. I mean posts, having them up on time, in finished form, not the form of the meme, without the actual content of the day. Doing pretty well with this, but keeping it a goal! Especially since this is the year that I put in the content for those that I missed, so everything is up to date going into this new year, and I want to keep it that way! Which doesn't need changing because it's still pretty consistent!

2. A. Reviews. My goal is still for them to just stay current, trying to write the review of the book, the day that I finish the book. That way, my thoughts are nice and new, and I don't have to struggle to remember some character, or some important part of the plot, or funny little details! I don't want to have to go back and have a ton of reviews to write long after the post went live!

3. Find one new thing that I enjoy doing, be it finding more time to play cards, bowling, or whatever, something fun, so I can have what the parents refer to as "balance in my life" or something along the lines that I don't read as much as I do. I'm classifying this to a "maybe" because I am really busy and all, and while I still haven't done this, I have hope for this year! I will always have hope, no matter that I didn't really do this for the past 2 years. Opps.

4. Catch up. Still things to do, still want to do that I just haven't gotten around to. Stuff like growing up adult-y stuff like a job and housing and such. Yeah. Those shudder-inducing plans. Things I still have to do! And again, another thing that I didn't really do this year, but hope for the future!

5. Try and spend time with all family, immediate, and extended, extended is easier, and I was up to weekly visits, and I want to keep that up, it was fun playing with the cousins and cooking. Which is harder to do, since I'm back home, but there's the family dinners that are biweekly in warm weather and around Christmas! Which I did last 2 years, and hope to continue!

What are your guys' goals for 2018? Hope you make them, and made last years, at least half like me! Here's to a great new year! Happy reading!

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