Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kavachi's Rise: Review

From Goodreads:
A Dark Secret. Thomas Morehart and his sister, Kara are vampyre, not the undead, but creatures evolved over hundreds of thousands of years to mimic their prey, man. 

Then - rescued from a Nazi Prison Camp, Thomas and Kara are brought to the U.S. and forced to work inside government-owned mortuaries. 

Now -betrayed by the government sixty-seven years later, Thomas and Kara are in a race against time to transform back to their feral states or risk Exsanguination by government sanctioned hit squads.

My Review:
It's just not the secret that's dark. It's this whole book! If you're looking for a vampire story like Twilight, well, you won't find it here! This book was dark and scary and just fantastic to read! I enjoyed it a lot!

The world that was built in this book, well, yeah, vampyre's who hunt humans, and have had all this time to hone those talents, is a pretty detailed and terrifying world! I just loved reading more about it, how it set itself from other vampire stories!

The characters themselves, it was a bit of a double-sided thing. On one side, we rooted for them, they were the good guys, they'd been through all this bad stuff. On the other, well, the "feral states" doesn't exactly sound good for humanity!

The title The Devouring, and how it is with Kavachi's Rise makes it feel a lot like a series. And it could be. Things were left open to have further books, which would be great! But it can also stand alone, it wrapped up a decent amount of threads as well!

I enjoyed this book a lot, it was really enjoyable and entertaining and original!

Author: Mike Kearby
Read: September 24th, 2012
Source: Full Moon Bites Review Copy
Reason Why: Sounded like a great book!
Publisher: Damnation Books
Published: September 1st 2012
5/5 Hearts
3/5 Books
3.5/5 Stars
Mike Kearby (born 1952) is an American novelist and inventor. Since 2005, Kearby has published ten novels, one graphic novel, and written two screenplays: (2011) Boston Nightly, with fellow writer Paul Bright and (2012) The Devouring. Boston Nightly is scheduled for filming in the spring of 2013.

Kearby was born in Mineral Wells, Texas, and received a B.S. from North Texas State University (now the University of North Texas) in 1972. He taught high school English and reading for 10 years and created "The Collaborative Novella Project." The project allows future authors to go through the novel writing process from idea to published work. Kearby began novel writing in 2005 and has completed eight novels, one graphic novel, and written the afterword to the TCU Press 2010 release of western novelist's, Elmer Kelton, "The Far Away Canyon."

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