Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week 44 Review: Other

From Goodreads:
Gwen Williams has been hiding a strange and fantastic secret: she's a shapeshifter. Although society may tolerate vampires, centaurs, and "Others" like Gwen, there are plenty of folks in her small Washington town who don't care for her kind.

When a new werewolf pack moves into the area, tensions rise—and Others start showing up dead, including someone close to Gwen. Despite the methodical murders, the police are ignoring evidence that suggests a serial killer. In the midst of terrible loss and danger, Gwen—along with a mysterious and sexy guy who happens to be a Japanese fox spirit—risks her life to find the murderer. But Gwen is already the killer's next target . . .

My Review:
I'm even more happy that I got Foxfire from NetGalley, because if I hadn't, then I wouldn't have read this book! And since this was such a fantastic book, well that would've sucked if I hadn't read this one! So good!

This book was more of a mystery book then the 3rd book, what with the killings going on in the town. And it's narrated by Gwen, and of her meeting Tavain, which was really awesome! Really glad that I decided I needed to read this series from the beginning!

I enjoyed going to the beginning, because this is where things began, it was really fantastic! I enjoyed everything about it! It was different, and the prejudice against Others, I can see that happening, again, the human fear of the unknown from my review of Foxfire.

What this book really did, besides being so good, was impress me so much, and impress upon me the need to read the next book, because the series has been so freaking good, that I need to read all of it, so I need to get Bloodborn, like ASAP!

Such a fantastic book, I loved reading about Gwen and Tavian again!

Author: Karen Kincy
Series: Other #1
Read: November 1st, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: Read the 3rd book, and wanted to see the series from the beginning!
Publisher: Flux
Published: July 1st 2010
5/5 Hearts
4/5 Books
4/5 Stars

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