Saturday, January 14, 2012

Small Little Rant about my Library System

Ok, I have a small little rant. About my library system.

First, a bit of background on a few things:

My library system, is basically pretty much all (maybe even all) the library's in my province, Alberta, all connected, at and I'm in the Marigold region. Which I learned for this post. So I have a wider range of books that I can request. But apparently not. The reason of this post.

I loved Firelight, and I haven't seen a bad review of it yet (though I'm sure there must be 1 or 2, nothing can please everybody :( )

How are the 2 connected? Through Vanish, book 2. The main part of my argh!!!!-ness right now.

I've had Vanish requested since September 30th. And I just checked to see what was taking so long, since it's been on the top of Actives in my requests for at least a few months. When I clicked the link to see where it'd be if searched, it said that only 1-yes, 1!!!!-had it, and that it was ON-ORDER!!!!!

This is a popular book. Most books have made their way to a few library's, 4 or 5 usually. Not this one. And that it came out September, it should be at the library now, in processing,  not on-order!!!!!

And on top of that, of 11 requester's, I'm number 8. So I'm going to have to wait for it to make it to the other seven people, for them to read it, to return it, and have it ship to the next person. On top of more waiting for it to get shipped to the first person!!!!!

Really peeved at this, I really want to read Vanish, but I have no money, so I can't buy it. And my parents are trying to break me out of my book buying, and reading as much as a do. But I need to have a lot of books, it keeps my brain occupied so I don't get bored. And while I have a lot of books, I still want this one a lot! Plus, when it stays there a long time, well, there's a limit to my requesting, 30 books at one time, and the more that are just sitting there not moving, the less that I can request, and with all the wonderful books that have been coming out, and are coming out, well, yeah. I don't like it! I want to get more books!!!!!

And that wonderful selection I'm supposed to have? It doesn't Anna Dressed In Blood! or Carrier of the Mark, but I now own that due to my post-Christmas shopping (In which 12 books were bought, making me very happy!) Yep.

Yeah, that's my little rant for today. Now to write some reviews before 10!!!


  1. I hear ya. I'm North of Edmonton and have access to the Fort Saskatchewan library, the Sherwood Park library, and the Bookmobile. But I still find there's a huge lack of selection when it comes to newly released books, especially in the YA market. I requested some books last year and they still haven't brought them in, so I have no idea how the protocol works.

  2. Yeah. I know logically that there is a good selection, since I get so many great books. But that just makes it worse when it takes forever to get one, or it isn't there at all. Wish the libraries had more funding!!!!!!


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