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Week 4 Review: All Fall Down

From Goodreads:
In the midst of a chaotic midnight assembly, Sunshine is forced outside into the darkness. Holding a scrap of paper scrawled with a stranger's name and address, Sunny grasps the hands of her three small children and begins her escape.

Liesel Albright has dreamed of starting a family. She never bargained on inheriting one already in progress…or one so deeply damaged. When nineteen-year-old Sunshine appears on the Albrights' doorstep claiming Liesel's husband, Chris, is her father, all they can think to offer is temporary shelter. The next day, they're stunned by the news that the Family of Superior Bliss, led by a charismatic zealot, has committed mass suicide. Sunny and her children haven't just left the compound—they've been left behind.

Now, instead of a baby of her own, Liesel must play mother to the four survivors, while Chris retreats into guilt and denial. For Sunny, however, a lifetime of teachings is not easily unlearned. No matter how hard she tries to forget, an ominous catechism echoes in her mind, urging her to finish what the Family started.

My Review:
Oh, I really enjoyed this book! A few parts dragged a bit, but there were conflicts of family, love, and all sorts of things, like a 15 year old having a kid, and then another, then another, well, it wasn't the best place to be growing up, and so that affects how Sunny relates to people, and Happy, her first child kept a bit of the upbringing, but Peace, and Bliss, the baby, slowly grow out of it, until they were like any other child. Pretty much.

I really enjoyed the writing, and how at the beginning of most, if not all, chapters, there was an anecdote of the character's past, and then that set the stage for the rest of the chapter, it was a fun way to open the chapters, even if some of the anecdotes were of a grim nature.

The characters were flawed, but that made them human, and the book easier to relate to, since it was a little hard to with the whole, "we live in our vessels until such and such a time when we're worthy, and follow the rainbow, and we should try very hard not to be like the blemished" thing. And the cult, mass suicide thing.

I liked reading this book, but it was a bit boring at bits, but it's a really good book! Hope you guys check it out!

Author: Megan Hart
Read: January 22nd-23rd, 2012
Source: NetGalley
Reason Why: I wanted to. It sounded good! And it's a A-Z book. Yep.
Publisher: Mira
Published: December 20th 2011
4/5 Hearts
3/5 Books
3/5 Stars

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