Saturday, October 6, 2012

Week 40 Review: Close Your Eyes

From Goodreads:
The FBI doesn't usually consult with music therapists to solve their cases. But Kendra Michael's astonishing powers of observation and analysis have made her a favorite of law enforcement agencies all across the country. Blind for the first twenty years of her life, she cares little for investigative work but can't deny her unique skill, or the results she's been able to facilitate. Kendra learned at an early age to become hyper-aware of her surroundings, perfecting the art of picking up the most subtle audio, olfactory, and tactile cues in the world around her. Like a secret weapon, she is in high demand.

Former FBI agent Adam Lynch, known as The Puppetmaster, has weapons of his own. He's a notorious master manipulator, skillfully handling criminals and colleagues alike to get the results he wants. Now he needs Kendra's special brand of help, but she’s not interested until Lynch reveals that Agent Jeff Stedler—Kendra's ex—is missing and may have run directly into the path of a serial killer. What began as a heinous murder investigation escalates into something even larger and more frightening: a multi-million dollar conspiracy to hide a secret that's worth killing for, again and again and again.

My Review:
I enjoyed reading this book so much! I've read other books written by this mother-son tag team, so I knew that they're just as good as books just written by just Iris Johansen. So I knew I'd enjoy this book a lot! And I did, it was really great!

Just the idea of being blind for 20 years? I'm only 18, but one of my most favourite things to do is read. And I've never listened to an audio book. And I don't have the patience or the memory for Braille. So sight, for me, is one of the worst sense to not have, for me personally!

The relationship between Kendra and Adam was really interesting to read. She can pick up a lot of tiny sensory details, and he can pick up character cues and know how to manipulate them. So that's an interesting set of skills working together, and sometimes against!

This was a really great mystery! I mean, they all are, but each one is different, especially since this one was with new characters. And since it got bigger, well, that's not so good for them, but at least they found that out, and could work with it!

Yeah, this was a really great book, I enjoyed it a lot, and I can't wait for more!

Authors: Iris and Roy Johansen
Series: Kendra Michaels #1
Read: October 5th, 2012
Source: Library
Reason Why: Love Iris Johansen's writing!
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Published: July 17th 2012
5/5 Hearts
4/5 Books
4/5 Stars

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